Question about BMP-3’s ATGM reload rate

The BMP-3 has been in war thunder nearly 4 years. We know one of the biggest cons for it is the 9M117 GLATGM is its reload rate. Because Gaijin put an early version in game. It doesn’t like advanced version that GLATGM all placed in autoloader. It is totally manually. Now it has 23s reload time for ATGM which is a little bit slow.
Today I just read Chinese military export book, noticed that 125mm GLATGM used on T-72 series tanks, has 3 rounds per minute fire rate. But we all know that T-72 series tanks have autoloader with 6-8 rounds per minute. There must be some reasons bring such difference.
As gaijin installed more realistic ATGM physics for LOSBR ATGM, we could know that beam riding missile cannot be guided anytime when the first missile is launched. If we ignore that, the first will lost guidance.

Based on principle mentioned above and in devblog. I thing the fire rate for BMP-3 (3rds/min) is not proper rate for reload. The GLATGM fire rate should include both reload step and guide step, when reload step finish, missile is still on the way to the target. We cannot fire the next missile until previous missile hit the target.
For example, the 9M117M1 has 5.5km range and 26s guidance duration. We set a situation that BMP-3 will engage 3 targets in 5km away. (Because ATGM is designed to engage target as far as possible.) It will spend 26s hitting target first time. If the ATGM reload step could be finished in 10s. The first missile is still on the way and has 16s left to hit the target. We couldn’t fire the second missile which already finished reload to make sure
the first missile hit the target successfully. First round hit, next round fire. Repeat such steps, we will destroy 3 targets in 78s. In that situation, BMP-3 still has 3 rds/min fire rate but the actual reload time for ATGM is 10s.
So I think the reload time for BMP-3’s ATGM could be faster than 23s. It’s weird that a single-piece ammo’s reload speed slower than much larger and heavier, two-piece 122mm ammo.


Old discussion for BMP-3’s reload rate:

manually reload rate (not only for missile I guess) might be mentioned in BMP-3 manual 1988.
Продолжительность заряжания одного выстрела, c. 15-20

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you didnt make the tank. you don’t make the reloading time.

If i remember reading that Bug report. Some post said that BMP-3 without ATGM autoloader take that long because gunner needs to reload ATGM himself. So if he is guided ATGM at the moment. He wouldn’t be reloading.
The last source in the bug report seem to match with your picture (3round/min) about 20sec

There are also some sources mentioned it could have an infantry to help gunner load missile. Commander can also do this job.
To many IFV in game has faster missile reload speed than BMP-3. Even they don’t have the people who take charge of reload ATGM IRL. For example, the BMP-1 only has 1 crew in turret, he must both load 73mm main cannon and ATGM. But it has really fast reload speed for both weapon.

Same for the M3 bradley which back in the day use to has 2 crew in the back (They’re scouts). They responsible for ATGM loading when station inside. (I’ve read somewhere that they even train how to operate the vehcile itself ) Gaijin remove them.
As for commander reload i think it possible to do but would be hard to find a proper official source. It a bit like lap-loading (process where loader hold ammunition in his hand and ready to insert new round into gun-breech as soon as the gun-breech are open and clear)
It was possible to do but aren’t recommended or not in any instruction.

Not just IFV. Some vehicles even need its crew to leave vehicle to reload weapon. that aren’t model ingame. Maybe in the future