Q-5A RWR not working in Ground RB

Anyone else have been having this problem?
Everytime i spawn th Q-5A in ground RB, the RWR is simply turned off, while on Air RB it works normally.

Are you sure its turned off?

Its an old RWR with only ‘I’ band coverage, really only for picking up plane radar gunsights.

For example, the Shilka uses ‘J’ band, the Gepard uses ‘E’ and ‘J’ bands. So the Q-5A just can’t detect them.

I don’t know of any SPAA’s that use ‘I’ band radar that the Q-5A could detect.

This RWR, as it’s currently modelled, only detects signals from the rear 180 degrees. So any radars in front of you won’t get picked up.