Q-5A armed with H-bomb

Hello there.
Today I am interest for opinions for making an unique nuke carrier for China - the Q-5A already present, but armed with KB-1(KuangBiao the First) hydrogen bomb. China never operated any Su-7 and whilst western factions can be justified with NATO nuclear command, it is rather weird to see China using the Su-7. In higher tiers, China already gets the Wing Loong-1, instead of sharing the Orion with USSR/Russia, so it would make sense to give a unique nuke carrier for China as well.
This should not affect gameplay too much as the flight model of the Q-5A is similar to jaguar A, except it is faster and handles worse at higher speeds.



I may suggest this on the forum but i am sure others has done it first.


Eh, why not, this could be implemented with minimal effort.



Would be cool.

I’d like to see Sweden get the A32A for their early nuclear deliverer, and the AJ37 as their late, as their plan was to equip these aircraft with their own 800kg Nuclear warhead to the cancelled A-36 program, and then decided the Vigg and Lansen were more viable options instead of having a specific and special nuclear designated carrier.

Seeing as how nuclear weapons could really be “given” or mounted to any aircraft, each nation could have their own nuclear carrier, and should.



@Stona_WT Thanks for your help

the Q-5A was literally designed to carry nuclear munitions and yet it does not carry them in game. +1

This would be cool. Nation specific nuke carriers!

I’d like to see things like the B-1 dropping nukes for the US.

Britian dropping from the Vulcan.

Not sure if we have any other countries with strategic bombers (especially not era appropriate I suppose?)

Going with China would be a good start.

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I think you mean Q-5Jia instead of Q-5A?
甲(Jia) <> A


甲乙丙丁 is the equivilant to ABCD, so yeah. But its ambigious enough to call both and still makes sense.

It is confusing as Chinese aircraft use both 甲乙丙丁 and ABCD notations, so it is common to translate 甲乙丙丁 to Jia, Yi, etc. to distinguish between them
Such as the torpedo bomber 强5乙 / Q-5Yi:

Better use Q-5JIA instead of Q5A. Originally 甲乙丙丁 were used to specify the variants with different purposes while ABCD/I II III IV were used to specify the variants with improved performance. Although this rule of naming is no longer used nowadays, it was true for many cold war era PLAF equipments.

Some recent photos of Q-5JIA in China Aviation Museum

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Q-5Jia was also known as Q-5A as it was later renamed to Q-5A

In this case however, 强五甲 and Q-5A are both effectively the subject of discussion, being the H-bomb carrier of China. Phase I/II/III are only significant enough on J-7 variants.