PZA Loara-A | The Polish Gepard

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The PZA Loara-A is a SPAAG of the polish armored forces which first underwent trials in 2001 but in the end led to nothing as the project was abandoned in 2013. Before the termination of the program, it saw extensive testing over the years.


The Loara was developed in the late 90´s and is based on the PT-91 Twardy. It was developed with multiple states and industry partners and its first Prototype was done by 2000. A PZR-Loara was also in consideration but later on completely cancelled.

The first prototypes were constructed on modified T-72M Tank Chassis but in the end it became the PT-91 Twardy, on which it should be based. It got equipped with a welded plate on the turret to protect the crew against small fire and shell splinters. The turret got equipped with two 2x6 smoke launchers and two Oerlikon KDA 35mm Cannons connected to a fire control radar just as on the Gepard.

The KDA´s are license-built in Poland by Huta Stalow Wola in Stalow Wola, Poland. The Turret and Gun Drive Systems are electrically powered. It´s equipped with a dual belt feed mechanism, driven by a laterally-mounted gas piston operating rod. The barrels are air-cooled and fluted and also provided with muzzles that relay muzzle velocities to the FCC (Fire control Computer). The cannons fire 35x228mm rounds with different ammunition types like “Smart” rounds which have programmable fuses and directional payload ejection capabilities, and FAPDS. The HE Ammo is stored in a magazine at the base of the turret basket while AP-Ammo is carried in large magazines on the outside of the tank (same location as on the Gepard).

The general equipment:
3D Search Radar with built-in IFF Interrogator (Range: 26km, Identification of targets: 64)
Ericsson Eagle Mk1 Engagement Radar
DL-1 Laser Ranger-Finder
KTVD-1 daytime TV Camera
SAGEM Iris FLIR (Thermographic Camera)
Stabilized panoramic 8x PSPD-1 periscope sight by PCO S.A
Full NBC Suites
Air Conditioners

Technical Information

Armament: 2x 35mm Oerlikon L/90 Autocannons
Ammo Capacity: Unknown
Crew: 3
Engine: S-1000 Diesel with 1’000hp
Transsmission: Unknown (possibly same as PT-91 Twardy)
Max. Speed: 60km/h
Mass: 45,3 tons
Armor: conventional steel (either armor or construction grade)
Power/Weight ratio: 22,0hp/ton


Note: The 2 upper pictures appear to have another layout for the smoke launchers and differences near the engine compartment and the driver position, so it is likely these are 2 different versions.





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