Python 3/ pl8 flare resistance (Old Post)

these missiles have dreadful flare rejection. The seeker fov is comically large… Im finding it less reliable than pl5’s simply because a single flare will ruin your missile even against someone in full burner


Agree! A single flare dropped will make the missile chase from any distance and if you have a friendly anywhere in the screen it will potentially kill them instead. Complete trash especially on the netz being its “best missile” I went back to the 9L

Python 4 would have been correct for Netz - but you know … GJ

Exactly, people complain that it would have the “best ir missile” then but forget it also doesn’t have access to sarh missiles so that evens out imo

python 4, as it stands in the files, is a 40g missile with the delta v and flare resistance of a ty90. This is a significant leap in ir missile performance over anything else in the current meta, but it might come next patch.

Have you played with the Python 3? If you haven’t I would recommend you do then come back to this post lol. It has zero flare resistance I don’t believe it even has irccm either. Also the missile seems to take forever to start tracking a target pretty much defeating the purpose of 40g for dogfighting, I have been playing them a lot recently and they seem worse than the R60M overall.

Both the r73 and aim9m make the python look like a toy

Its all down to the lack of irccm. A missiles without irccm is at the mercy of the enemy being completely unaware. With the addition of j10 we will definitely get pl8s with irccm. afaik python 3s flare resistance in the files is identical to aim9L

I run 3 aim 9L and 3 pythons on Netz, I find the 9L to be much more reliable, definitely shouldn’t be the top missile on a 12.3 especially with no option for sarh missiles.

Don’t you think it’s unfair that an aircraft with no HMD is fighting AIM9M/R73 on 12.3 with missiles that are even more Junk than AIM9L