Python 3 is broken?

Something weird is going on, ofc it’s my first plane with them (Kfir C7), but I can’t simply use them, they are not locking on enemies at all, if there are teammate\flare\missile\anything you name it - it will lock it instead of an enemy. If there are 5 enemies and 1 teammate - it will lock him, if you are launching missile at enemy, and somewhere near will be teammate or a bot - it will hit them, sometimes it’s just bizarre, enemy is flying after my teammate, but I can’t lock enemy. Launched missile on an single enemy, missile changed course, and hit our bot. Am I doing smth wrong? Even 9Gs are more effecting and easy to use

Probably your rangefinder causing this issue.

Rangefinder on Kfir series gives ability to slave your missiles to any target, except it cant identify if its enemy or friendly so my recommend is to turn off your rangefinder at the start to see if thats the issue.

Thank you, I’m still testing but looks like you are correct, rangefinder is causing this issue

Happy to help.

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