Pvkv III should also get APDS Due to it having the same cannon as the Pvkv IV

The Pvkv II, Pvkv III, Pvkv IV was made during the same time period and both the Pvkv IV and the Pvkv III have the exact same cannon with the exact same calibre of 57 mm × 385R mm


I am going to be honest, the apds doesn’t really mean anything if your turret traverse is 3 degrees a second. Ligit the IV is unplayable at 3.7. No armour, no speed, and a gun that takes half a century to get on target

Indeed it should, Gaijin is probably holding it exclusive to the IV to make it a bit unique though. Either that or its to keep the III at 3.3, not that it would change much having apds at 3.3.

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My suggestion article got denied. The reason this time was unclear.

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Quite unfortunate, but it doesn’t surprise me since its Gaijin…

Those two guns look exactly the same to you, do they?

(I know they are on paper, the point is the modelling of two identical guns with radically different shapes and lengths is already a disaster irrespective of the ammo. The turret of the III overall, including the gun, is about 20-30% larger than it really was I think… Look at the MG as well, which is also comically overlarge. It’s one of War Thunder’s more obvious complete modelling fails.)