PVE Helicopter Mode Guide

PVE Helicopter Mode Guide

1- Helicopters up to a BR of 9.3 where the SPAA of the Front line are ZSU-23-4 “Shilka” which open fire from about 2.7 km. The SPAA of a convoy are Flakpanzer I Gepard (from here on I will only mention Gepard) which open fire from 3 km approximately. Finally, the SPAA of the Bases are Falcons that open fire from 3 km.

The exception is the Grand Canyon map where the SPAA of the Front are Gepards, those of the convoy are ZA-35 and M42 that I do not recommend to face if you do not have missiles with a range greater than 4 km, since they open fire at 3.5 or 3.7 km, being the ZA-35 one of the most dangerous.

2- Helicopters of BR 9.7 or more where the SPAA of the Front are Gepards, those of the convoy are Gepards (except in Grand Canyon) and the Bases have AMX-30 Roland 1 that I recommend to maintain a distance of 6.8 km, but that in some maps you can approach to less than 500 meters, and they will not open fire.
For that there are two ways to do it: fly very low and use the terrain for cover or fly above 6900 m above the Roland and then when you are 90 degrees to it start descending straight down. Afghanistan is a map I don’t recommend trying to fly low, as there is not much to hide in.

The most profitable targets are those along the Battlefront line, but if you have rockets and are not that accurate, it is most effective to attack bases or capture points. Missiles are not as effective against bases, except to kill the SPAA protecting the base.

If you attack a convoy with helicopters carrying short range missiles or rockets, I recommend two ways:
The first is by attacking head-on using stationary (Hover) mode and making a critical hit on the first vehicle to stop the convoy’s advance temporarily, so you can better target the Gepards (remember that if you are in Grand Canyon you must have a 4 km range missile or better, as the ZA-35 is very dangerous even at 3.5 km range) Another important fact is that sometimes the missiles go through the vehicles without damaging them, and you will be defenseless to their shots if you don’t move fast. Or you can shoot the Gepard first, but it will be more difficult, as it will be moving and you must aim slightly ahead of the vehicle.
The second is from behind and also using the stationary mode, as you can slowly move forward in that mode. Remember to always be more than 3.2 km away from the Gepard.
Attacking from the side is also possible, but it will be easier to miss the missiles, because you must use the “Force” as there is a ghost effect where you see the vehicle, but it is really ahead and you will see how your missiles pass through the Gepards without damaging them (maybe as I am from South America my ping has to do with that…).

You can also attack them with helicopters that have rockets, but only if you have a lot of them and of good caliber if possible, as in the AH-1G Cobra or Mi-24.

Use War Thunder’s “radar” to know if you are in range of the Gepards.
Radar WT

Practice a lot using the stationary mode, as it changes with each helicopter. In some helicopters you must activate it at quite a distance, because the inertia can bring you dangerously close to the SPAA. Also practice your landings to be able to capture the points.
In order not to be surprised by the enemy, try to stay within your own area of the Battlefront and try to avoid the places where the convoys usually spawn. If you are alone in a game be more careful because wherever you go enemies will appear. If you are with a squadmate it will be easier to attack the Rolands and Gepards. You must do it from different positions.

Dots can be captured by several players but they must land one at a time or they will collide. Then if you return to an allied helipad and land you will be given the mission as completed. This is very important as it will shorten the game by completing the missions.

Always carry as much fuel as possible and choose your weapons wisely. And very important, try not to die if you don’t have a premium helicopter. If you get damaged, go to repair, every time you respawn you get silver lions.

I hope you understand something, I don’t speak English.


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The ATGMs in heli pve mode cant be guided after an hour. It has been a problem since the last major update and Gaijin still hasn’t fixed it.

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yeah and vehicles clipping into the ground which makes it impossible to target convoys at a safe distance

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