PvE Helicopter Mode - ATGM Failure

Laser guided ATGMs like AKD-9 are impossible to guide to moving/stationary targets. They usually don’t lock on and if they do after a few seconds they lock on to nothing as if the laser pointer is standing still. I am using them in the Z-19, and it is totally useless in this mode, I have not tested them in realistic battles.

Also, if you manage to use them, after about 1 hour of gameplay they start to mysteriously fail, being impossible to hit the target. The same with other ATGMs, both Laser and philoguided.

I don’t have premium helicopters and this mode is a way to investigate the tree ones, but it’s getting more and more unbearable.

theres a bug with all guided munitions on longer games. they have known this for at least 2 months but still an issue. very annoying in air simulator enduring battles where AA missiles just stop working at 1 point.