Purchased MiG-21 Bison missing on dev-server

As the title would suggest I bought the pre-order MiG-21 Bison pack but havent received any of the “bonuses” in dev server. Everything except for the vehicle itself is already available to me on live server so I dont really know whats the issue. Is it even worth contacting support over this?


Vehicles purchased in the main game take time to transfer over to the dev server, on my dev server account I still have 24 GE which I haven’t had for a good 6 months

This shouldnt be an issue for pre-orders tho

Yes it should, if I buy an F-4S Phantom ii, it will take time for everything to transfer, because you’re buying the vehicle for the main live server not the WIP server.

delete and reinstall dev server, that will update ur user profile on it (or u can try logging out and logging back in)

Bought 2500GE today and it got automatically transferred to dev. Bison still isnt there…