PUMA - Overtiered or still good?

The only one I have had trouble with from the side was the Abrams but if you just shoot it in the back of the turret you ammo rack.

Overall, I love it playing as a support vehicle. I heavily prefer support vehicles I’m finding out now and this thing when you flank will shred any MBT it finds with the dart (which I just unlocked.)

Love it!! Can’t wait to make a lineup with it and a couple other tanks at 10.3 😃

That’s one of my favorite things about the PUMA and something that makes it really fun is that it can super easily engage aircraft.

I do not have the AHEAD ammo yet but after I get my thermals and recon drone i’ll be sure to pick it up!

I don’t see how it only has composite layers on the front panels its side armor is very minimal compared to other MBTs

I checked with protection analysis but I believe it was probably because I was shooting at <300 meters and I don’t exactly have the best aim so it is fully possible to do it with the APDS i just have a skill issue!

With the amount of grinding required at those BRs the stock experience being miserable will be a substantial part of the experience.

Utilize good cover to destroy tracks / barrels. Scout. Harass, flank when presented with opportunity. Help keep the skies clear when possible. Use your scout drone.

Cover on these linear maps where everything is blocked off and it’s definitely not the best flanker.

T-80s are like 80mm on the side + 10mm of rubber or something.

T80’s I had a very small amount of trouble with but I usually tend to ammo rack them really easily

The AHEAD ammo is currently not implemented in the game, I suggest you don’t research it and only stick to APFSDS and a HE belt.

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the he-vt ammunition is also rubbish. because you have to have the exact range. it may be good against infantry, but we don’t have that. it is totally ineffective against helicopters and aeroplanes because the range is no longer correct when the bullet arrives and fizzles out ineffectively behind the target.

It is implemented it just does not work with IRST tracking information. You have to fire it directly at the helicopter which is only useful if it’s stationary / on direct approach.

The Begel’s shells don’t work by setting the range, they detect nearby objects and detonate upon doing this after a primer distance to avoid damage to the tank itself.


You’re thinking of Time Fuze


Got my first nuke with it when it was introduced. It was too good where it was, but it should have gone up only by one step, not a full BR and then some.

I played it twice since it moved to 10.0 and got nerfed. Not worth the pain.
It is somehow more bugged and nerfed than when it was introduced. Yes, they nerfed already nerfed rate of fire because PUMA should have rapid and slow fire and it should not overheat with its current slow firing mode.

You are huge. Can’t hide. You have to track (wait for the gun to stop overheating) + barrel (wait for the gun to stop overheating) + go to the side and then start hammering the weakspot and watch as each individual crew member goes from white to yellow (wait for the gun to stop overheating) to orange, to black (wait for the gun to stop overheating). Then you have to again re-track and again re-barrel (wait for the gun to stop overheating). Then focus on another crew member.
In the meantime FOX or some other race car, will one shot you. You will either get one shot, or you get shot in your gun which disables it, you lose your ammo which burns for a minute before it can be put down.
In night battles, your APS is still casting IR light like a beacon and half the missiles fired at you will still go trough regardless.

To sum up:

  • Anemic post pen damage.
  • Gun overheats rapidly.
  • Slow fire rate.
  • ERA doesn’t work.
  • APS bugged.
  • Missing SPIKE missiles.
  • Missing AHEAD munition.

It’s a 9.0-9.3 vehicle at 10.0. Play it only if you are a completionist. Unironically you would be more effective with the low tier Puma at 10.0 than with whatever this Frankentank is.

If it were to get its IRL fire rate modes, AHEAD, SPIKE, if they modelled APS properly (and not merely copy pasted Shtora from a T-90) and fixed KLARA then yes. It would be a good 10.0-10.3 vehicle. But it has been far too long and I lost all hopes for this vehicle…

Edit: Damn, should read the thread first before making an effort to reply.

Username checks out.


yup… giant waste of time… he 1, already has the vehicle and likes it and 2… he asked for peoples advice and then did the opposite…

So yeah… this thread is a complete waste of time and the poster is… the opposite of intelligent.

Side note. i kinda disagree with what you are saying… the PUMA is like a heavy tank, in that it performs a bit Too well in a full down tier and then gets pretty wrecked in a full up tier. I think it should be at 9.7 or even 9.3, but that could be a little too strong for it. It still can obliterate enemies… especially when you get the upgraded rounds for it


Still a very capable tank, but ever since it was raised to 10.0 it got a little iffy.

It’s definitely over tiered and under powered much like the HSTV-L

lol please tell me that is sarcasm… The PUMA is still VERY good… its a bit too over BR’ed but again it still performs quite well, especially with the final ammo

And it has heavy tank syndrome (performs a bit too well in a full down tier and then gets one shot in a full up tier… but even at a full up tier it can pen most tanks, especially from the side… soo… no. it performs WAY better than the 3.7 low tier puma,… in every way.)

I’m pretty sure it isn’t, besides the obvious lack of tracking, it just works as regular timed HE, and as far I know, it doesn’t fire any of its sub-projectiles which would make AHEAD extremely effective against low flying aircraft and helicopters.