Puma ifv

Hi is there any chance that there is gonna be correctly modeled entire hull of PUMA IFV as it should.
There is no modeled (the “Igelpanzerung”, hedgehog armor) are for protection against cluster shaped sharges. he Spikes themselves hit the warhead before its detonation, causing the jet to disrupt and not form properly.For example 40mm bomblets with a penetration capability of 200mm for example will only be capable of penetrating ~25mm when hitting these spikes.I mean why was puma add in first place its not finished in first place armror paccage is not as it should be those hedgehog armor missing as well plus external composite armor at side of the wehicle simply dont work i got overpresured so many times thru there with like 20 to 30mm auto cannons with HE sheels cuz it not modeled correctly also MUSS dont work as well it can do something but work in like 10percent of the time and sometimes you can look directly in atgms its going at you still hit you basicly one shooting you at spott also no spikes PUMA IFV right no dont really work there is no reason why it is at 9.7 no reason what so ever yes its fast good thermals but thats about it its missing capability with its programable sheel PMC308 as we got in game but dont work at all also whats makes me angry abou this wehicle is that when was add in game its actually works even in up tiers no problem armor feels solid and dmg on PCM 287 was great now it is terrible simply 25 or 30 mm auto cannons kill you from the front no problem dont even mention HE sheels or heat if someone look at you overpresure thats dumb consider this wehicle can withstand those kinf of rounds its have paccage for it but even in game you got those massive composite screens at side even an old 105mm heat can killl you no sweat and tahts wrong and biggets thing wich dont work is its apfsds PCM 287 the pen is same as it was bafore but post pen dmg is soo bad that even bradley or rcm with 25mm apfsds have better post pen dmg over all hell even 20mm wiesel pen less and do more dmg and i know apds and apfsds is difference but still for some reason puma have really bad dmg and its not finished at all i would just like if at ôeast armor at sited and fron was remodeled or somehow corrected and MUSS work that would be good for this wehicle cuz we dont nned spike at least not now but hose other things like passive armor and active MUSS is really need cuz now every time i play with this wehicle somebody just looks at me im dead and its not about skill issue hahah yeah its most the many times you can see puma cuz its massive its huge IFV and you actually nned that armor and MUSS to actually this wehicle work properly without this will not gonna work at all sa me as it is now. Let me know what you thing or if you agree with me on this one ps beglite is better.

This might help. 😉


Hi maybe this help a fiew sources https://www.joint-forces.com/features/60713-bundeswehr-schutzenpanzer-puma-aifv-part-one Below The Turret Ring: Puma IFV armor and upgrade speculations Puma (German infantry fighting vehicle) - Wikipedia my point was to say that puma as a wehicle is not finished and missing is key point of armor and other functional features maybe this will change in future.

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It is well known, gajin knows themself they fucked up, and their internal bug report list is realy long as well, but most propably wont get touched until they wanna release Puma S1 with spikes. The Thread about the Puma in the old forum reached 140 pages of us discussing stuff Schützenpanzer Puma IFV: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. - Light Vehicles - War Thunder - Official Forum

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Main problem is pls space that, the wall of text is realy bad to read

THx for reply well we all know is hard to model wehicles but released wehicle wich missiing its key features and just drop it in game like here you go than completly ner fit and forgets its armor and activ protection system in proces is a bit meh to me but over all ok i dont nned spikes and puma at 9.7 is waaay to high i would put it at like 8.7 to 9.0 cuz in current condition really do not offer any possitive gameplay i rather use wiesel with tow with beglite and radkampwagen cuz those wehicles are perfect allmost as pecfect as when g91 nords work ahh those times and than 5 time nerft on gino but i guess thats story for another time.

thx mate