PUMA bugged ( more then before?)

not sure if is just a me thing but
last few games where my puma got ammoracked? repaired i could always just fire 1 round and the gun would reload again…
except i went to a cap point and got a new belt then it suddenly worked again
is it just me ?


I don’t know, but the increased BR has reduced its popularity. PUMA spam was huge last year and now there are fewer of them.

because the puma is useless on 10.0 …
meanwhile 2s38 and bmp2m players have there time of the life


I’m out of my depth here, I thought you meant the other Puma (blush)

After release i played some games with PUMA, when it was raised i left to spade 8.7-9.7 in other lines, since i’m a serial spader. and it was now above what i had already unlocked.
Yesterday i got back to my German 10.0 line up, for reference i play GFAB.

The PUMA feels more gimped then ever, why do i say this:

  • It has the best armor of any IFV, period. until IDF Namer is introduced anyway;
  • Gun accuracy and post pen damage feel lack luster to say the least, last night had full on side shot, on a TURMS and wasn’t able to kill him with multiple hits;
  • Gun still overheats way to fast for my taste;
  • AHEAD is still modelled as Contact shrapnel (at least in the statcard animation), while it should VT which releases shrapnel before the target, so it flies into it;
  • Ammo cook-off takes forever, where you lose 50% of your equipped ammo;
  • after the insanely long cook-off, it starts to reload the belt 1 at a time, which also takes forever to start;
  • during all this you are defenseless;

Why does the PUMA have a Ready rack, which as far as i can see is independent from the available belts? Last night i sustained damage, ammo cook-off, was able to disengage and flee towards the cap, repaired recovered two belt, but ready rack replenishment did not start and took more then 2-3 min to load the partial belt still available. When i finally was able to reload the rack, i got ammo racked again and was soon after destroyed.

So this experience left me with almost 5 min of evading enemies, with zero ability to defend my self, except laying smoke, and my still intact mobility.

Why does the PUMA have this double system, which apparently has a huge flaw and multiple drawbacks to it? Either make it belt felt, in this case dual belts, or single round like Type89, CV9040, etc.

Why are they continuing to ruin the PUMA even further, up tiering it to near uselessness, with multiple bugs still present, reported at the vehicles introduction no less. And now they’ve added this, which at the very least is a huge misrepresentation of the available rounds. Ready rack will always refill to 200 rounds, while the belt says 76 rounds and 3 belts left. as far as i know there are 2 100 round belts in the turret and 2 belts inside the vehicle.

And because of the triple digits the ready rack value is hard to read.

So when can we expect the similarly broken S1 version? basically KF41 with armor, spike LR and passive instead of Hard Kill APS