PT-91M2A2 Twardy: Setting New Standards

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PT-91M2A2 Twardy: Setting New Standards


PT-91M2A2 Twardy with Commander’s PASEO Sight attached. Note the 12.7mm NVST is removed from above the Commander.

  • Description :
    • The PT-91M2A2 Twardy is one of two modifications of the PT-91M2 program, that further modifies the PT-91 Twardy main battle tank (MBT). The program is designed to upgrade existing PT-91’s as well as T-72M1’s to this standard. Due to financial constraints with the PT-16 and PT-17 tank programs, the PT-91M2 program was designed to be cost effective while allowing major advancements in technology on the old platform. Two variants of the PT-91M2 were created, the PT-91M2A1 and the PT-91M2A2. The PT-91M2A1 is a cheaper cost-effective version offered by Elbit Systems which retains the original engine plant and more while the PT-91M2A2 is designed to maximize the technology that the PT-91 platform can utilize. Some advancements of the A2 include upgraded SAVAN-15 FCS (w/ Hunter-Killer mode), PASEO Commander Sight (and SOD-1 omnidirectional cameras for the Commander), Slovakian 2A46MS 125mm smoothbore gun, rear APU, enhanced LWS, rear slat armor, and more. One of the key factors that separates this from the PT-16/17 is the use of the same ERAWA-2 slabs found on the PT-91 base model and no new composite armor, which are still effective at stopping older APFSDS-T rounds such as the DM23 or late-Soviet rounds. On top of the armor protection, there has been an increase in firepower with the new Slovakian 2A46MS 125mm smoothbore gun and a new, more powerful APFSDS-T round being bid on to replace aging Soviet designs. Leading the bids is the Elbit Systems MK-1 APFSDS-T round with enhanced penetration. The PT-91M2A2 has the potential to significantly increase the capabilities of the Polish Army. Decision on the A1 or A2 models are in still in progress. It is currently unknown if the Polish Ministry of Defense will continue this program due to significant donations of PT-91 Twardy’s to the Ukrainian Army.
  • Armament:
    • Primary: 125mm 2M46MS L/48 Smoothbore Gun (w/ 42rd, 22 in autoloader carousel)
      • Rounds:
        • 3BM15 APFSDS-T (Primary)
        • 3BM9 APFSDS-T (Training)
        • 125mm APFSDS-T “Ryś” (Supplementary)
        • MK-1 APFSDS-T (Possible Replacement)
        • 3BK18M HEAT-FT
        • 3OF26 HE-FRAG
      • Depression/Elevation: -6/+13 degrees
    • Coaxial: 7.62mm PKT GPMG (1,000rd belts, 2,000rds total)
    • Secondary: 12.7mm NVST HMG (300rds)
  • Maneuverability:
    • Engine: ~1,000hp PZA-Wola S1000R Diesel Engine
    • Transmission: Automatic Renk ESM 350M, 8-Forward, 3-Reverse
    • Chassis: Torsion Bar Suspension
    • Max Speed: ~60-65km/h
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 6.92m (9.60m w/ gun)
    • Width: 3.72m
    • Height: 2.22m
    • Weight: ~50 tons
  • Crew (3x):
    • Commander
    • Gunner
    • Driver
  • Accessories:
    • Laser Warning System OBRA-3 (LWS)
    • 24x 81mm 902A ZM Dezamet Smoke Grenade Launchers
    • ESS
    • Laser Rangefinder
    • NVD
      • Driver: PNK Night Vision Periscope
    • 3rd-generation Thermal Imager
      • Gunner (SAVAN-15 GPS Thermal Sight)
      • Commander (from PASEO Commanders Sight/SOD-1 Atena Omnidirectional Observation System)
  • Notes:
    • The PT-91M2A1 and PT-91M2A2 are both upgrade options (one or the other) being considered for the Polish PT-91 Twady. The PT-91M2A1 model is a budget option that has the same powerplant and less electronics as the base model PT-91 Twady and could be an alternative in-game to the PT-91M2A2 as it could sit at a lower BR (10.3).
  • Imagery:


Front view of the PT-91M2A2 on display. Note the SAVAN-15 Gunner Sight, SOD-1, OBRA-3 LWS (behind smoke launchers as well), ERAWA-2, and more.


Rear view of the PT-91M2A2 on display. Note the slat armor covering areas not covered in ERA as well as SOD-1 and Obra-3 LWS.

Video covering the PT-91M2A2 (as well as missing PASEO Commander Sight) capabilities (as well as other vehicles).


PASEO Commander Sight.


SSP-1 OBRA-3 Laser Warning System.


SOD-1 Atena 360 degree thermal coverage optics.


125mm APFSDS-T “Ryś” round characteristics.

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One of the T-72 modernization with normal reverse gear.

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