Provide both pilot's and tanker's maps in ground battles

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Well this has been a pain for a long while, especially in RB battles, the current situation in RB is: for ground vehicles they can only access maps for grounp-battle, which is on a larger scale and have more details; and for aircrafts, they can only access the maps for air-battle, which is on a smaller scale and have less details. (Check image below if you have no idea what I’m saying)

So here comes a problem when players get on an aircraft, the pilot can bearly read the pin marks from his allies on the ground, the maps for air-battle cover the area so large that it’s hard to identify any streets or houses or roads in the ground-battle area.

And there’s also a problem for players on ground vehicles, more specifically on an SPAA, if one of the players saw an aircraft/helicopter they’re not able to mark their’s actual location in map since the map shows the area for ground-battle, it’s so small that aircraft/heli is out of its range.

In this way you can find the communication in the gameplay is partly blocked and cause a low efficiency.

I think this can be easily done by adding a selective tab in the UI, so players can easily switch between two type of maps. (See below)


that will be exceedingly useful and open up a whole new stage of play.

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Support this without question.

better idea, remove cas

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