Project SB-37 River Monitor, Zheleznyakov - Hero-Sailor of the Dnieper

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Project SB-37 River Monitor, Zheleznyakov


Zheleznyakov as preserved in Kyiv

Coastal vessel, really slow river monitor with T-26 turrets and a twin 102mm main gun in a funny turret.

Project SB-37 was a class of Soviet river monitors built in 1934, they were initially a repeat of the Project SB-30 monitor Aktivniy, though the design was quickly revised with improved hull lines and bridge construction. Projects SB-30 and 37 were unique in their main gun configuration; a MK-2-4 turret with twin 102mm guns that was mounted over the conning tower and rotated around it.

The Zheleznyakov was built in 1934 at the Leninskaya Kuznitsa Plant in Kiev, as the final ship of the Project SB-37 monitors. It is named after Anatoli Zheleznyakov, a famous sailor in the revolution (same as the premium cruiser). It entered service in 1936 and joined the Dnepr Flotilla. It was completed without most of its secondary weaponry and major fittings, which took until 1939 to finally arrive. It took part in WW2, supporting ground troops against Axis forces, destroying 13 artillery batteries, 4 infantry battalions, and 2 ammo depots, and travelled over 40 000 km. It survived the war, the only of its type to do so, and in 1960 the ship was decommissioned and turned into a floating warehouse. In 1965, it was restored and installed as a monument on Rybalsky Island in Kyiv, where it remains to this day.

Specifications (1944)
1x2 102mm/45 B-18 pattern 1934 in MK-2-4 mount (360° rotation, elevation of 60° and depression of -5°, 500 rounds)
1x2 45mm/46 21-K in 41-K mount at bow (1000 rounds, total for all 45mms)
1x 40-K mount at stern:

  • 1x1 45mm/46 21-K
  • 1x1 7.62mm DT

2x1 37mm/68 70-K (2000 rounds)
2x1 12.7mm DShK
1x4 12.7mm Vickers
1x4 7.62mm Maxim’s in M-4 mount
2x1 7.62mm Maxim’s in turret

4-16mm belt
4mm ends
4mm deck
30mm conning tower and turret
16mm conning tower and turret roofs

230 tons standard
270 tons full

Length: 51.2m

Beam: 8.2m

Draft: 0.88m

Propulsion: 2 4-SD-19/32 diesel engines, 480hp, driving two shafts

Speed: 8.3 knots (15.3 km/h)

Range: 3 700 nmi at full speed

Crew: 83

DM-3 rangefinder





Project SB-30 drawing, but they’re very similar anyhow

Hmmm, I believe this drawing is incorrect

Turret mount drawings

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Category:Zhelezniakov (Monitor Warship) - Wikimedia Commons
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Ahh how did I miss this one! This is the other Soviet coastal boat I REALLY wanted to have back when I first saw it on the old forums (the first being the G-6 MTB leader). I love how many guns this thing has, and it really should get added, simply because of how weird and unique it is! +1

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