Project 58155 "Hyurza-M" Small Armoured Gunboat, Nikopol (P176) - Steel Viper

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Project 58155 “Hyurza-M” Small Armoured Gunboat, Nikopol (P176)

Coastal vessel, modern Ukrainian armoured gunboat armed with top-tier IFV equivalent weapon systems.

A development of the Project 58150 “Hyurza” river gunboats, the Project 58155 gunboats were built at the Leninska Kuznya (later renamed Kuznya na Rybalskiy) shipyard in Kyiv, and initially 7 boats were ordered. An initial series of 2 boats would be delivered in 2015, and another 4 laid down in 2016. The second series of ships featured various improvements over the first 2 boats, such as a redesigned engine and propeller layout. The ships are built from steel rated to be proof from machine gun fire, and are armed with 2 KAU-30M remote weapon systems, a naval derivative of the BM-3 “Shturm” used on the BTR-3. Additionally the ships have a few MANPADs stored, but they have to be hand fired. The ships were meant to be part of the core of Ukraine’s “Mosquito Fleet” strategy created after the annexation of Crimea by Russia.

Nikopol, the first ship of the second series, was laid down in 2016 and commissioned in 2018. In November of that year, as Nikopol and 2 other vessels were near Kerch transferring from Odessa to Mariupol, they were intercepted and captured by the Russian Black Sea Fleet. They were interned in Russia for about a year, and then returned to Ukraine with some damage. The ship was repaired in 2020, and later participated in joint exercises with the US Navy. It was damaged during the Invasion of Ukraine, but currently is still operating with the Navy.


2x1 KAU-30M RWS, fully stabilized

  • 1x1 30mm ZTM-1 (300 rounds)
  • 1x1 30mm AG-17 (29 rounds)
  • 1x1 7.62mm KT-7.62 (400 rounds)
  • 1x2 130mm Barrier ATGMs

3x15 50mm UPPP-20 Countermeasure launchers

8mm steel “belt”

54 tons full

Length: 23m

Beam: 4.8m

Draft: 1m

Propulsion: 2 GEU diesel engines, 2000? hp, driving 2 propellers

Speed: 25 knots (46.3 km/h)

Range: 900 nmi (at 12 knots)

Crew: 5

Delta-M search radar?
Furuno navigation radar
KVANT Sarmat electro-optical FCS
LWS for countermeasure system


Under construction
Nikopol and sister ship Berdyansk while in Russian internment



LOVE this boat, want it in-game ASAP. +1