Project 53-class (Modified), 671

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Project 53-class (Modified), 671


A Soviet WWII minesweeper transferred to North Korea. Re-armed with a turreted 85mm cannon, 2x dual 37mm auto-cannons and 4x quadruple 14.5mm auto-cannons.

The Project 53-class, part of the Fugas-class (also incorrectly known as Tral-class), was a class of minesweepers constructed in the mid-1930s. They saw service throughout WWII, and most were scrapped/decommissioned by 1960.

Following the signing of the Korean Armistice in 1953, the DPRK sought to re-equip its navy (the Korean People’s Navy, KPN or KPANF) and replace its dated inventory. They had primarily been equipped with basic Soviet torpedo boats, as well as a variety of civilian boats converted to military use. Along with limited numbers of P-4 and P-6 torpedo boats, the Soviet Union also sent 2 Project 53-class ships – T-2 Tros and T-8 Cheka. These entered service with the KPN very shortly after, numbered 1008 and 1003 respectively.

The DPRK built a new class of ships heavily based on them (named Sariwŏn-class by the US DoD) in the late 1960s. The DPRK also re-armed number 1008 (renamed to 671) at some point in the late 80s. This suggestion focuses on this modified ship, number 671 (its name in KPN service is unknown).

The modified Project 53-class replaced the unturreted 100mm B-24BM naval cannon at the bow of the ship with a turreted 85mm gun, seemingly identical to the turret design seen on a number of other KPN vessels, like the Ch’ŏngjin-class. The 85mm cannon is highly likely to be a derivative of the ZiS-S-53 found on the T-34-85, or the Type-62-85-TC as found on the Type 62/63, all of which are operated by the KPA. This cannon can fire APHE and HE rounds.

The modified Project 53 also has 2x dual 37mm V-11-M anti-aircraft guns towards the rear of the ship. These guns have a fire rate of 160 rpm (each, 320rpm total) and can fire HE, AP and HVAP rounds. The ship also has 4x ZPU-4 quadruple 14.5mm auto-cannons, located at each corner around the funnel.

The modified Project 53 likely also retains the 2 depth charges and 30 mines present on the original ships. It is also equipped with a “Pot Head” radar (‘Reya’, or its Chinese equivalent Type 351) and a “Skin Head” radar (‘Zarnitsa’, or its Chinese equivalent Type 512).

The ship has an all steel hull, a length of 62m, and a displacement of 490-535 tons. There are 2 diesel engines, giving an output of 2800bhp. This allows the ship to reach a speed of 18 knots, or 33 km/h. The ship has a crew of 44.

The modified Project 53 would be a fun mid-rank ship for a future North Korean coastal fleet sub-tree for China, or as part of a United Korean coastal fleet tree. I would give it a BR of roughly 3.3-3.7, with a solid 85mm cannon and great secondary weaponry.


  • General
    Displacement: 490-535t
    Engine: 2x 1400bhp
    Top Speed: 18 knots (33km/h)
    Crew: 60

  • Armament:
    Main Armament
    1x 85mm

    AA Armament
    2x dual 37mm V-11-M
    4x quadruple 14.5mm ZPU-4

    Other Armament
    2x depth charges
    30x mines

  • Sensors and Systems:
    "Skin Head” (Zarnitsa) Radar
    “Pot Head” (Reya) Radar





  • Incorrectly claims the 37mm’s are ZiF-31s

  • I believe the top ship is the modified Project 53, judging by the curved shape at the front of the bridge and the more rounded front cannon turret



The Armed Forces of North Korea: On the Path of Songun – Stijn Mitzer and Joost Oliemans

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+1 for the DPRK

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Looks to me like they just slapped a T-34-85 turret on there and called it a day. Love it! +1 for the North Korean Navy!

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