Project 250 "BARS-MO" Rocket and Artillery Ship, Kazakhstan (250) - Caspian Cavalry

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Project 250 “BARS-MO” Rocket and Artillery Ship, Kazakhstan (250)


Coastal vessel, Kazakh patrol boat with strong autocannons and a Grad rocket launcher.

The Project 250 “BARS-MO” is a Kazakh rocket and artillery ship designed by the Ural’sk Zenit Plant. It is based on the Russian-designed Project 0300 border guard boat, and is the first warship designed and produced in Kazakhstan. The ship is larger than the Project 0300, with its waterline length about as long as the 0300’s overall length. The vessels are armed with weapons and systems supplied by Ukrainian companies, featuring modern radars, Barrier ATGMs and Arbalet SAMs, and a 30mm CIWS. The ships operate in the Caspian Sea, and have participated in various naval exercises and competitions.

Kazakhstan, the first vessel of its type, is very different from the later vessels. Due to budgetary and time constraints, Ukrainian-supplied weapons weren’t available and as such it was armed with old Soviet autocannons and rockets instead, additionally missing the more advanced fire control system on the later ships. Kazakhstan was commissioned in 2012, and is currently serving in the Kazakh navy, and seemingly has not been refitted to the standard of the later ships. It has participated in joint exercises with the Russian Navy and in the Caspian Sea-2015 naval competition.


1x2 25mm 110-PM in 2M-3M
1x2 23mm ZU-23-2
1x12 122mm A-215 Grad-M MLRS

~240t full

Length: 41.75m

Beam: 7.8m

Draft: 2.5m

Propulsion: 2 MTU-16-V4000-M71 diesel engines, 6090 hp (nice), driving 2 shafts

Speed: 28 knots (51.9 km/h)

Range: 1200nmi (at 9.7 knots)

Crew: 23

Furuno navigation radar






So are the Barrier ATGMs and 30mm cannons on a separate boat, or are the an alternative armament to this one?

Separate, the other ships of the class are armed with them

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Gotcha. Will you be suggesting those as well?

what line would this go down in costal?

Yes because Russian is desperately short of decent high tier coastals.

But enough joking…I don’t think it’s needed right now but IF BR decompression ever happens then something aside from the pure red star broken beasts will be a welcome change to fill the resulting thinner lines. Gun version first obviously, missiles later and probably a better fit than a rush to long range OTH sea skimmers and area denial weaponry.

Maybe later, I have some other ships I want to suggest first

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