Project 159A Frigate, ARG Bakılı (G121) - Bakuvian Hussar

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Project 159A Frigate, ARG Bakılı (G121)

Bakılı in 2012

Coastal vessel, Azerbaijani frigate. SKR-1 but with 2 additional CIWS guns.

Originally the Project 159A guard ship SKR-16, it was built in the Yantar Baltic Shipyard in Kaliningrad in 1967 and served in the Soviet Caspian Flotilla. Project 159A differed from Project 159 mainly in having a second set of torpedoes and being slightly larger. In 1991, shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was renamed Bakinets (“Bakuvian”), and during the subsequent division of the Caspian Flotilla between the Soviet successor states was given to Azerbaijan, becoming the largest ship in the Azerbaijan fleet and renamed Bakılı (Bakili, also means “Bakuvian”, name also might actually be Bakı or Baku). Because of various tensions with neighbouring powers (namely Iran), the ship was modernized in 2007 with Turkish and American assistance. The torpedo launchers were replaced with 4 fixed tubes, the superstructure was rebuilt and enlarged, with the funnel removed and 2 30mm CIWS added midship, and new radars fitted. The ship seems to have been renamed Gusar/Qusar (after the city) at some point, and had its torpedo tubes completely removed. It has participated in many naval exercises in the Caspian Sea, including the Sea Cup competitions in the annual International Army Games with Russia and other Caspian naval powers.

Specifications: (2007)

2x2 76mm AK-726 (1952 rounds)
2x2 30mm AK-230
4x1 400mm(?) TT
2x12 RBU-6000 ASWRL
22 Mines

965t standard
1199t full

Length: 82.3m

Beam: 9.2m

Draft: 2.89m

Propulsion: 1 61B diesel engine and 2 M-2B gas turbines, 36000 hp, driving 3 shafts

Speed: 32 knots (59.3 km/h)

Range: 4870nmi (at 10 knots)

Crew: 106

Electro-Optical Fire Director
MR-302 Rubka search radar
MG-312 Titan sonar
MG-311 Vychegda sonar
Navigation radar
Bizan-4B ECM


SKR-16, note the old superstructure and 2 sets of torpedoes

Gusar in a 2021 naval exercise, note that the rear torpedo tubes have been removed

Saunders, S., & Philpott, T. (2015). Azerbaijan. In Jane’s Fighting Ships 2015-2016 (p. 40). IHS.

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