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Project 151 Small Missile Boat, Sassnitz

Coastal vessel, East German missile boat of the late Cold War, similar capabilities to the Project 12412 corvettes but with anti ship missiles instead of torpedoes.

The final ship class designed by the DDR, the Sassnitz-class small missile boat (Project 151, later Project 151R and 151A, and finally PB 151) was developed in the 1980s to replace their Project 205 missile boats. It was to be armed with modern Soviet weapons and systems of its time, including a predecessor to the Kh-35 anti-ship missile. Initially it was developed with the participation of the USSR, with 17 ships planned for the Volksmarine and 20 for the USSR. However in 1989 due to worsening economic conditions the number of planned ships was reduced to 10 ships, with the USSR withdrawing from the project the next year. Also in 1989, the military started abandoning the use of missile ships and 5 of the 10 planned vehicles were to be built as gun-armed patrol boats, and in 1990 all 10 ships were to be made into patrol ships. When East Germany collapsed, 3 ships had been completed while 4 were under construction. They were inherited by the Bundesmarine which promptly scrapped the incomplete ships. After a period of testing the 3 complete ships, 1 was scrapped and 2 converted to border guard ships, which served until 2018. Additionally Poland ordered 3 ships, which were handed over partially complete in 1990 and finished in 1992-1995, and were armed with Western systems and missiles.

Sassnitz was the lead ship of the class, built in 1988 as the prototype ship but brought to series standard in 1990 and commissioned. It was assigned to the 9th Rocket Ship Brigade at Dranske, but soon after the DDR collapsed, and its ships were absorbed into the Bundesmarine. After being laid up it was assigned to the Federal Border Guard in 1992. It was extensively rebuilt, with the superstructure raised, the weapon systems removed, and new engines fitted. It re-entered service in 1993 with the new name “Neustrelitz”, patrolling the sea from Wismar to Flensburg. In 2017 it was decommissioned due to age, and was scrapped in Frederikshavn in 2018.

Specifications: (1990)

1x1 76mm/59 AK-176M
1x6 30mm/54 AK-630M CIWS (3000 rounds)
1x4 FAM-14 SAM (9M32M or 9K34 missiles)
2x4 FG 1520 AShM Launchers (Type 152 missiles)
2x32 SGW-3 Countermeasure Launchers
SDG-1 Chaff blower

332 tons standard
362 tons full

Length: 48.9m

Beam: 8.6m

Draft: 2.2m

Propulsion: 3 M-520 TM-5 diesel engines, 16 200 hp, driving 3 shafts

Speed: 34 knots (63 km/h)

Range: 1200 nmi (at 12 knots)

Crew: 29-34

MR-123/176 Wympel-A FCR
Garpun-A Search and Tracking Radar
Korall-A Missile FCR
Nikhrom-RR IFF system






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