Project 133.1 Parchim class corvette - Pride of East Germany

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Project 133.1 Parchim-class corvette


Hello everyone. Today I would like to introduce to you the East German submarine hunter, Project 133.1 Parchim class.



The Parchim class corvettes were developed for the East German Navy in the late 1970s and built at the Peene-Werft shipyard in Wolgast. They were designed for coastal anti-submarine warfare and would have targeted small, coastal U-206 submarines of the West German Navy in case of inter-bloc conflict in Europe. The first ship, Wismar, was launched on April 9, 1981, in Rostock, and 15 more ships were built by 1986. To support East Germany’s shipbuilding industry more efficiently, the Soviet Union agreed to order another 12 Parchim corvettes, which were built at the Peene-Werft shipyard between 1986 and 1990. After reunification, the Parchim class corvettes were sold to Indonesia in 1993, where they are still in service and have been extensively refurbished.
The Parchim class corvette is the largest combat ship ever built in East Germany and is probably the single greatest ship in East German naval history.



The hull is the same as the Pr. 1331M already present in the game, but the AK-630 has been replaced by the AK-230 and the AK-176M by the AK-725 in armament. In addition, the large radar on the mast, characteristic of the Pr.1331M, has been replaced by another one.






Armament & Specifications:


800 tons standard
950 tons fully loaded

Length: 72.5 m (229 ft)

Beam: 9.4 m (26 ft 10 in)

Draft: 4.6 m (8 ft 10 in)

3 M504A diesel engines (each 4750 hp)
3 x propeller shafts

24.7 knots (46 km/h)

Range: 2100 nautical miles at 14 knots

Complement: 80

Primary armament:
1x AK-725 57 mm gun x2
1x AK-230 30 mm gun x2
2x Fasta SAM Γ—4
2x RBU-6000 anti submarine depth charge rocket launchers
4x SET-40 400 mm torpedo tubes
12 depth charges



Project 133.1 in the game:


Project 133.1 should work very well in the German TT as a new reach for the East German tree.
Unlike the Pr.1331M, it will be easier to take on destroyers, etc. because of its versatile 30mm and high firepower 57mm. I think it will be a very fun ship.



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image Source:

Spoiler,_1981) by Y7mx, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This post is a port from an old forum. Thank you to everyone who supported me in my previous post.

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I support anything natively East German! +1

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