Project 1238 "Kasatka" Air Cushion Artillery Boat, AK-16 - Rocket Orca

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Project 1238 “Kasatka” Air Cushion Artillery Boat, AK-16

Coastal Vessel, big and very fast hovercraft armed with the highest rof autocannon in the game and rocket launchers.

A derivative of the Project 1206 “Kalmar” landing hovercraft, the Project 1238 was designed to provide fire support in landing operations. The ship was designed by the Almaz Design Bureau in Leningrad and a single example was built at the More Plant in Feodosia in 1982, named AK-16. The ship was powered by 2 gas turbine engines, and armed with a 30mm autocannon, a twin 12.7mm MG at the rear, and 2 AGS-17 grenade launchers. Of course as a hovercraft it could also operate on land.

AK-16 was assigned to the 39th Marine Landing Division in Crimea, and was used to test the A-22 MLRS system that would later be installed on the larger Project 12322 “Zubr” landing hovercraft. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it became part of the Russian Navy and was put into storage. When the Crimean Naval Base was transferred to Ukraine in 1996, the ship was decommissioned and scrapped.

Specifications: (1982)

1x6 30mm AK-306
1x2 12.7mm NSV in Utyos-M mount
2x1 30mm BP-30 AGL
2x22 140mm MS-227 MLRS

132 tons standard
148.6 tons full

Length: 26.6m

Beam: 12m

Draft: 1.2m

Propulsion: 2 MT-70 gas turbines, 20 000 hp, driving 2 fans

Speed: 56 knots (103.7 km/h)

Range: 200 nmi (at 50 knots)

Crew: 15

Ekran-1 navigation radar





Love this crazy cool boat!
+1 from me

Interesting armament and funky style! The 30mm grenade launchers might actually be useful in naval (unlike on the BMP-2M lol). +1