Project 123 "Komsomolets" Motor Torpedo Boat, TK-351 - Black Sea Boy Scout

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Project 123 “Komsomolets” Motor Torpedo Boat, TK-351


Coastal vessel, OG Project 123, basically a G-5.

The original Pr.123 design, it was designed in 1939 by the A. Marti Shipyard No.194 to potentially replace Tupolev’s Sh-4 and G-5 MTBs. Like the G-5, it was a hydroplaning design made out of duralumin, but it lacked the whaleback hull and used torpedo collars instead of chutes. A single prototype was built in 1940, and testing showed good seakeeping and exceptional speed. It was commissioned as TKA No.13 in the Black Sea Fleet. It was later renamed TKA No.73, and finally TK-351 in 1944. Series production to replace the G-5 was supposed to start in late 1941 with enhanced armament, but the German invasion ended these plans. However, due to the G-5’s rather poor wartime service, orders were given in 1942 to create a modified Project 123 to replace it. This would lead to the Project 123bis which would be introduced in 1944. Compared to the prototype the 123bis had torpedo tubes, better armament and engines, and a flush-deck hull. TK-351 would eventually be scrapped sometime in the 1950s


1x1 12.7mm DShK
2x1 533mm torpedoes in BS-7 torpedo collars
DC rack (4 BM-1 DCs)

7mm Bridge

15.7t standard
17.2t full

Length: 17.9m

Beam: 3.4m

Draft: 1.2m

Propulsion: 2 GAM-34F petrol engines, 2000 hp, driving 2 shafts

Speed: 52knots (96.3 km/h)

Range: 345nmi (at 17 knots)

Crew: 6



Hull lines diagram

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