Project 1 River Minesweeper - A New Regime and a New Navy

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Project 1 River Minesweeper (TR-41 - 47)

Coastal vessel, small and slow Polish license-built minesweeper (and minelayer) with a twin 25mm and twin 14.5mm. I realized halfway through making this that my source specs were specifically for the Polish version instead of the Soviet one lmao.

The first serially produced warship type in post-war Poland, the Project 1 minesweeper was a license-built version of the Soviet Project 151 minesweeper, with slightly different dimensions and better engines. The Project 151 minesweepers were small vessels, about the size of a large MTB, and were armed with a twin 25mm cannon and twin 14.5mm machine gun. They could be equipped with different types of minesweeping equipment, or up to 25 mines. The Polish Project 1 used a license-built 3D12 diesel engine, which was about double the power of the 3D6S diesels use for the Project 151. 30 Project 151 minesweepers were built in the Soviet Union, but afterwards it was decided to move production to the Polish People’s Republic. The Polish Navy took advantage of this, and seven Project 1 minesweepers would be built for the Polish Navy in the Pleniewo River Shipyard in Gdańsk from 1954-1956, numbered TR-41 - 47 (Trałowiec Rzeczny, River Minesweeper). Additionally 47 units would be built for the Soviet Navy.

The seven ships were assigned to Minesweeper Squadron in Świnoujścia on the East German border, led by a veteran of the interwar Pinsk Flotilla. The ships operated mainly in the Szczecin Lagoon and Bay of Pomerania, conducting training and participating in naval parades, though they were also capable of operating in the high seas. The ships were withdrawn from the Squadron in 1969 and 1970, with two relegated to transport roles and the rest scrapped.

Ship List:

TR-42, K-12 (1970)
TR-47, K-13 (1970)


1x2 25mm 110-PM in 2M-3 mount (1000 rounds)
1x2 14.5mm KPV in 2M-7 mount (1000 rounds)
6/13/25 mines (AMD-500, KMP, JAM, respectively)

46.4 tons standard
49.2 tons full

Length: 27.7m

Beam: 4.1m

Draft: 0.6m

Propulsion: 2 Wola 300S diesel engines, 600 hp, driving 2 shafts

Speed: 15.1 knots (28 km/h)

Range: 500 nmi (at 10 knots)

Crew: 16



Biela, S. (2010). Trałowiec rzeczny projektu 151 Pierwszy seryjny okręt wojenny budowany w Polsce po II wojnie światowej. In Okręty Wojenne Vol. XVII, Nr 3/2010 (pp. 81-87).



Would be happy to have this as a low-tier coastal vessel for USSR or an independent Polish sub-tree/tech tree/multinational thing. +1