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If its possible for any of you guy’s id love if you could make it like a modern photo that’s not black & white




I’d love for this as a profile picture in game, but they said axis profile pics will never happen. Like for the monthly profile pic things😔

How come?

Franz Stigler was a good guy who could have died if they found out about what he did.

I agree he should be recognized, however I have one major problem with how you worded this.

Franz Stigler was not a Nazi. He was quit the opposite. He was anit-nazi along with his family. His parents voted against the Nazi party in 1933. Do more research before you disrespect someone by calling them a Nazi when they aren’t.


Because people see all Germans in WW2 as nazis


True I do not disagree with that statement but still they need to add him.

That’s actually an interesting point you make.

That profile pic if it were going to be brought in would need further editting to remove the actual swastika.

It’s amazing what can be done now with modern technology (colorization).

I like his dumpy, DGAS uniform and posture.

I would be fine with the removal of the swatika as long as he can be added.

That would work fine. It just pisses me off that he risked his life to spare Charlie and his b-17 and was against the Nazis but people will still call him one.


I am with you that we should not call him a Nazi all we should refer to him as is a German Aviator.


Indeed. They may have flown under that flag, but they may not fly that flag.

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Yes. And they don’t really have much of a choice. They didn’t have freedom of speech. Fighting for your country and fighting for the Nazis are two different things

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Interesting story, I don’t think it will get added since he shot down allied planes in defence of a fascist regime regardless of if he supported it or not.

Also i am a bit confused when you say he is a Nazi Ace in the post and then say he wasn’t a Nazi in a secondary response…might have to do some digging myself and find out unless it was a oversight error?

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He fought in the Germany army cause it was that or death but he was against the regime.

Idk, but I wish they would allow it. There are many people who would be good that weren’t Nazis. But on the monthly profile pic for this month then said it wasn’t happening.


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