Problems with package loss

Hello guys. I came here cuz i cant find solution for my packet loss. Im from croatia and playing on EU and CIS server and everything was great until last 2weeks. I had ping 40-60ms and PL was 0%. Then my PL go wild and jumping to 45% while ping was still 40-60ms. Changed to american server and my ping go 120-150ms and PL 1-10%.
Playing on wire not on wifi,having good pc and good stable internet. I tryed lot of solutions from internet but nothing worked. Other games are perfect and there is no problems with ping and PL. Saw post there gajin saying thier servers are working great and dont have problems.
Boys i need help😞

I’m from Oceana and my ping is 190~230ms.

My PL on days with AY in the end range from 0 (off peak hours) to 50% (peak hours).

I connect using Ethernet/fibre cable and have 4ms connection to host.

We found out that:

  • Data carriers switch traffic during peak hours to accommodate premium clients and thus causing packet routes to change dramatically and sometimes detrimentally that causes match dropouts.
  • WiFi is not good for gaming using UDP packets. You can increase reliability by a small margin by using Ethernet (even if it is only 1Gigabit or HiFi 5Gigabit)
  • The game engine is not fault tolerant enough to accommodate high latency players, causing low latency players to have negative game experience as well.
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