Problems Accessing the Marketplace

For some reason, the fact that I run War Thunder through Steam has given me issues with logging on to the Marketplace. I have a stockpile of crates that I’ve accumulated through the seasons, but I can’t use or sell because of this problem.

The problem seems to be coming from me using the same email that I used to bind my War Thunder Account with my Steam account, meaning that I’m not able to set up 2FA, security questions, mobile number, etc. for my Steam x War Thunder account.

I don’t know why it’s a problem, whether I’m doing anything wrong, or there’s something that I missed, but can someone please help me figure this one out, please and thank you :D

Please contact support. It sounds like you have 2 separate accounts.

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I have tried multiple times to “contact support” about this issue. I have received one unclear reply. The others haven’t been answered. Yes, I used Steam to start playing War Thunder. Yes, I used the same email address (there wasn’t any clear guidance, but I now know that MAY have caused an issue). Yes, I’d like to use Marketplace.

I am totally unable to bind my phone or set up 2FA. I did get the security question set. I am willing to spend money on Marketplace, but the process doesn’t work. If I login into only my Gaijin account, there is no crossover to the grind, time and money already spent. I’d like to either delete the Gaijin account or preferably, combine my Gaijin account with Steam.

Is it really so hard to address this? I can combine other accounts.

This isn’t something the Tech Mod team can help with and its wholly handled by support. Apologies.

Thanks. Sure would be nice is support worked.