Problem with replays

Just booted the game for the first time in a few days, and I’m having trouble accessing replays (either client-side or server-side). The replays are at a fixed, very slow speed, and are completely unresponsive to any sort of speed up/slow down option. Am I the only one experiencing the issue? I’m trying to understand if it’s something on my end, or the game’s.


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I have the same problem.
Does anyone have a solution for this?

I wondered whether the April fools update had broken the replays, but that doesn’t make sense, because they don’t show as unsupported, so…

A better description of the problem:

Any replays taken after the release of major update Alpha Strike, but prior to the April’s Fools Mad Thunder event, are affected by a time dilation issue. For every replay, both client-side and server-side, the first few seconds of the replay play out normally. Then, before the “connecting” phase is over and the first units start spawning - about 20 seconds in - time dilation occurs and playback becomes very slow, prohibitively so. I would say playback speed drops to something like 1/10th of a second per second of real-time. This is not affected by the regular time dilation modifiers: no matter if I try to speed it up or slow it down, the replay still proceeds in this super slow motion.

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The problem appeared yesterday after the Mad Thunder update. all replays recorded earlier do not work, and those saved after the update are ok. I hope they will do something about it and everything will return to normal.

So far, the issue persists. I was considering submitting a bug report, but I’m not sure what the appropriate category for it would be.

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This REALLY sucks for me, because I organized a gig with a few friends on march 31st right before the update dropped. We were doing a skit in a custom match for a movie i’m making as my final semester project for school. It wasn’t until today that I had the time to go review the replay and actually record the footage, only to find out the replays are unusable. my project is due on Sunday and I NEED to record those replays!!!