Problem with launching the game. Error: 30005 (startservice failed with 1275.) win 7 problem

Hi! I have another time problem with launching the game after update. Its been for at leat 3 last updates that i cant play right afer update XD It works after few days.
Can someone have any idea where is problem?

Try to delete EasyAntiCheat folder in the WT main folder and relaunch the launcher for re-DL EAC files and certificate.

I do this. Dont works
Maybe i should say what i have done to this time.
I reinstall the game. Dont works
Windows is up to date
I dont have antivirus
Windows firewall is set to accept WT
Windows defender is ip to date

Delete all files in WT AND in the PC (you have maybe more games who use EAC).

I had that problem few month ago, i must delete all AEC files on the PC and reinstall.

Doesnt work (cry)

Enlisted works fine on Anti-cheat XD