Problem of new updated ACM mode for Doppler radar jet

The version 2. 35 update introduced a new mechanism of ACM mode that, when the player successfully locks the target, will automatically switch between Track PD or Track Pulse based on the condition of the target. It is true that, theoretically, this new update can decrease the possibility of the radar losing lock with the target. However, during combat, the automatic switch of ACM mode will be a behavior that is unexpected by the player and even contrary to the player’s wishes. Especially when guiding the missile. For example, in the past, when an F-15 launched a Sparrow at a head-on target, it should have been useless to release chaff if the F-15’s radar was under Track PD mode, but in this version, it would be possible that the radar automatically switches into pulse mode and being interference by chaff. A similar problem also happened to the Soviet fighter jet; while guiding the semi-active radar missile, it was possible that the radar would automatically switch from Track PD to Track lR, which mode completely useless for guiding, and missiles such as R27ER would be missing targets. (The problem about the soviet fighter seems to be resolved in yesterday’s update, but I’m not certain about it) In the next update, I hope you can make the Doppler mode the highest priority or simply make the automatic mode optional.

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