Prioritising crew skills

Hello everyone. Today I’m going to launch into a presentation on the priority to be given to different crew skills.

So fasten your harnesses and seatbelts and follow the guide.

!! Detail !! that tutorial are a traduction with Deepl of my work in french section. Images are in french, copy/past form the original topic.

Disclaimer: I won’t go into the detailed skill descriptions here, they’re available in-game, in the crew window by hovering the mouse over the skill. If a vehicle is not assigned to a crew, the values shown on the vehicle card (reload speed, for example) are the basic values. Assign the vehicle to a crew to see the current performance on the vehicle map and open the crew window to see the maximum performance.

Skill level details

-1°) Skill priority for an Air vehicle:

  1. G tolerance (Pilot): Allows you to withstand more Gs and therefore keep control of the aircraft during tighter manoeuvres.

  2. Endurance (Pilote): Allows you to withstand Gs for longer before losing control of the aircraft.

  3. Vitality (Pilote): More vitality = less pilot death.

  4. Weapons Maintenance (Logistics Services): Reduces bomb dispersion and cannon/machine gun stoppage (you can fire for longer).

  5. Repair Speed (Logistics services): Mostly useful for airfield repairs in part.

  6. Repair rank (Logistics services): to be set according to vehicle rank. If the repair rank is lower than the vehicle rank, the repair time will be extended.

  7. Reload speed (Logistics services): Reduces the time it takes to reload weapons in flight (in AB) and on the airfield.

  8. Experienced gunners (Machine gunners): Mostly for bombers, Increase the number of gunners as needed.

  9. Accuracy of fire / Density of fire (Machine gunners): More effective machine gunners.

  10. G Tolerance / Endurance / Vitality (Machine Gunners): Machine Gunners with greater endurance.

  11. Powerful sight (Pilot): Affects marker display distance in AB and Air RB.

  12. Visibility (Pilote): Affects the spotting distance of opponents on the miniradar (top right) in AB and Air RB.

-2°) Skill priority for a ground vehicle:

!!! WARNING !!! The skills noted (Crew average) require the same level on all the crew to have the level indicated. For example: Having Agility 5 on only 1 crew member increases the agility of each crew member by 1 in total.

  1. Charism (Commander): Increases the abilities of ALL crew.

  2. Reloading (Chargeur): Shoot faster, always useful.

  3. Targeting (Shooter): Increases weapon aiming speed (horizontal and vertical).

  4. If new player: Telemetry (Shooter): Improves distance measurement, useful when starting out to determine the distance to a target.

  5. Field Repair (crew average): Repairs the vehicle faster during battle

  6. Agility (crew average): Replaces a knocked out crew member more quickly

  7. Vitality: Stronger crew. An injured crew member (from yellow to red) reduces his performances.

  8. Artillery Accuracy (Radio): Tighter zone for artillery barrage => more chance of hitting something

  9. Artillery delay (Radio): Artillery takes less time to arrive, giving the opponent less time to get out of the area.

  10. If playing in arcade (crew average): Powerful sight: improves viewing distance of opposing markers. Can be upgraded before vitality for a new player.

  11. Conduite (Pilote): Improves acceleration and braking but not chassis speed.

  12. Radio communication (Radio): Improves the display distance of enemy markers seen by an ally. Only useful in AB.

  13. Repair Rank (Logistics Services): Not required in battle. For hangar repairs only.

  14. Repair Speed (Logistics): Useless in battle. For hangar repairs only.

-2°) Skill priority for a Naval vehicle:

  1. Charism (Command): As in tank: increases the performance of ALL the crew.

  2. Crew Interchangeability (Command): For the game, increases the crew available. This requires more time for the opponent to kill enough crew members.

  3. Fire Extinguishing (Damage Control): Do we really need to specify why?

  4. Fire protection (Engines room) : It’s better when the engine room doesn’t take fire.

  5. Breach repair (Damage control): I hear it’s best when a ship is watertight.

  6. Bailing time (Damage control): To empty excess water. We don’t like excess water in boats either.

  7. Ship control (Engines room): For better manoeuvring, dodging torpedoes or aligning artillery turrets more quickly on your opponents.

  8. Main battery reload speed (Shooters): Faster fire is always better.

  9. Secondary battery reload speed (Shooters): Same as above.

  10. Accuracy of secondary battery shooters (Shooters): Shooting fast is good. Shooting well is also good. Only when secondary batteries are under AI control.

  11. AA battery recharge speed (Shooters): To saturate the sky with chunks of pellets.

  12. AA Battery Shooter Accuracy (Shooters): For better shooting at mosquitoes.

  13. Detonator setting precision (Shooters): To make shells with timing detonators explode at the right time.

  14. Aerial Target Detection Distance (Observers): Ideal for spotting mosquitoes from a distance.

  15. Radio communication (Command): Only useful if you’re playing in AB

  16. Repair Speed/Rank (Logistics Services): Not very useful, only repairs in the hangar.

  17. Torpedo detection range / ground targets (Observers): Mounting this skill is useless: seeing torpedoes at 10m won’t give you time to dodge them. Skill possibly bugged, no more info on that… There are no ground targets in naval battles…

    !! Tip !!: Don't forget that you don't have to fully upgrade one crew skill before moving on to the next (apart from charisma, which is a really good help and not too expensive to upgrade). Try to balance your skill upgrades to take advantage of the bonuses associated with the different positions.

This concludes my presentation. I’m not a rocket scientist, so if you think I’ve got my priorities wrong, don’t hesitate to say so (especially about the aircraft section).

Good fighting to all!


You are incorrect on 16

Repair rank and speed effects the repair speed on the airfield.

So if you get damaged and fly back to AF you will repair faster.

Also, if you want to save on silver lions, this reduces the free time for repair allot.

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point 16? Only naval crew have a 16th points. And for boats, that’s dont useful.
For on-board seaplanes, it is plane crew skills are used

For planes, repair speed, repair rank and reload speed are 5, 6 and 7th.