Prinz Eugen at 6.0 in the current matchmaker

Can someone explain me one little thing. Why am I getting nuked right at the spawn in a Prinz Eugen(I’m not spawning first) , once one of the most survivable ships? It’s not even a question about uptiers being 9/10 matches, but a simple HE spam turns my crew into ashes too quick it seems. Is it a new bug or just powercreep? I just don’t get it, is it going to be fixed any time soon or I should stop playing naval? I mean it’s just outright unenjoyable. And while I’m here might as well ask for some tips playing this vessel, would be interesting to hear about your choice of shells and general thoughts.

You are lucky that you die on crew in Eugen, cause its very easy to ammorack it and onetap it, would even say second easiest cruiser to do so right after Des Moines/Newport News. HE now does more damage as it produces more shrapnels than before, when it did very little. But APHE should still be your shell of choice.

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Played a few more matches. This thing has absolutely no place at 6.0, it’s just plain inferior to everything it meets

The tip is to not play it unless there is full downtier.

Eugen was one of the best 5.7s and 5.7 has that really nice matchmaker of not seeing many uptiers but whole lot of downtiers, meaning it was usually clubbing destroyers just like other cruisers. But 6.0 is the exact opposite and eugen has nothing special to offer against battleships

Dead ship you can only pray for BR change

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