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Armiger: The president of iceland
This was put in use the 8th of July 1944

Here i suggest a unique inisgnia/decal for use on any of the vehicles and vessels in-game

The 17th of June 1944 a meeting was held by the Parliament at thje anicent site of Þingvellir. On this day the republic of Iceland was established, and the Parliament then elected their first president of the republick with a term of one year, after this term ended the president would be elected by national voting.

At a meeting of the State Council at Þingvellir later the same day, the newly elected president “Sveinn Björnsson” issued the following presidential decree of the coat of arms of the Icelandic republic (sitate):

“Iceland’s coat of arms is a silver cross in a sky-blue field, with a bright red cross inside the silver cross. The arms of the cross shall extend to the rim of the shield on all four sides. The width of the cross shall be 2/9 of the width of the shield, but the red cross half as wide, at 1/9 of the width of the shield. The upper sections shall be squares and the lower sections the same width as the upper sections, but one-third longer.”

The shield then carries all the four guardian spirits of Iceland as described in Heimskringla.



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