Premium tank for newer player

I want to buy a premium tank/helicopter in the russian tech tree, but my main concern is with the KA 50.
i dont think i can get the spawn points to even spawn it if i buy it.
and for the tanks i was thinking of the IS6 (or ISc i forgot the name) cuz i heard its really good, but most vids on it are old, can anybody help me in chosing?

Uh, these two vehicles are VASTLY different BR.

What is your max rank/BR? And what mode do you play?

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u shud get t80um2 is same br as ka50 but u need lot play time with it to get good or u die in 2min when u spam

i’ll be honest, DO NOT buy high br premiums while you’re a new player, you are gonna regret it and leave the game
in my case i got my first premium when i was level 90 and it wasnt even my own money, it was a gift


why i get to t90m in 20 days with bmp2m 2s38 and turms and faster to su 27 with su 39 and mig 23 ml

You are NOT prepared for top tier then
I’d recommend the T-34-57


Buddy, you dont want to buy ka50

Without ground lineup for Ka50, you would either have to

  • play heli PvE (cant recommend, bored me to death)
  • use ka50 as first spawn with unguided rockets, which, good luck,
  • or use ww2 tanks first and hope you score enough score against tanks with thermlals and other gizmos (again, good luck) to spawn ka50 with vikhrs…and then hope you dont get deleted by AA.

Is-6 might be better choice but you will siffer unless you learn a lot of info

  • weakspots on enemy tanks
  • map positioning

Moreso its armoe, while good against ww2 shells, its made obsolete by post wwII HEAT-FS shells that starts to appear at 5.7

Id actually suggest tanks like KV-1E (or whatever its name is, uparmored KV-1, but it appears only during some sales), T-34-57 (decent gun) or the M4A2 Sherman (stabilizer + decent gun).

what about the german tech tree, i heard its also really good and i keep dying to Pz’s?

With 250 games total, you will keep dying to anything for a while. It isn’t the vehicle, it is the player that makes the difference at low BR.

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Wouldnt recommend germany as starter nation.

Yes they have great firepower all around but at lower tiers its mostly paper armor meaning you will die a lot more often than in T-34s for example.

Starting 4.3 you get some well armored TDs and later you get tigers and panthers BUT that armor is extremely conditional and requires specific positioning.

so i should stick to USSR and get the t-34-57?

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Just to explain my reasoning:

until you learn the maps enough, you will suffer most from the positioning, ie. More experienced players will have better positions that will allow then shoot first.

And as such, good armor helps the most with that, because it increases your chaces of survival the most.

And it just so happens that russia (and to some extent china with russian vehicles) are about armor. Not saying that there are not outliers, but for its BR, KVs have great armor.

T-34s also have effective armor, but they are medium tanks so they will always have less effective armor than heavies.

T-34-57 combines the T-34 platform with effective 57mm gun, so its no brainer imo.

alr, tysm

So you want to spend $95 on two vehicles. There is a much better way to send that money. It looks like you already have a T34-57 as well. I would buy 16,000 GE and here would be my breakdown on how to use it

  • M4A2 - 2980 GE

  • KV-122 - 4,880 GE

  • Accelerated crew training for 4 crews - 1,000 GE per take total 4,000 GE

  • Premium Time 30 Days - 1,900 GE ( can be removed if you already have time )

  • p-47D-27 - 1,900 GE

Total 15,660 GE

GE remaining 340

total cost ( in US Dollars ) $80.85

I know you want a helicopter but while you are building up your crew and experience you have a cas plane to build that crew up to transfer over to the helicopter once you get to that. I wouldnt buy the premium heli until you have played some with the Tech Tree helis so you have an idea on how to use them. This is just my opinion and how i would have done things starting a new account.

I actually would not particularly recommend the KV-122, but you are absolutely right in general.

I will also note that a better use of money is premium account time. In just over a month the May Sale is coming. There, you can get a full year of premium account 50% off for $40 USD. It is easily the best investment you can make in the game.

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I would not recommend the IS6 at this point in time; with the meta shifting to lighter and faster hard-hitting vehicles, heavier tanks are finding it difficult to compete in the BR bracket where the IS6 resides. The IS6 used to be extremely good, but that is primarily because most videos about it were made in a timeline where there are almost no cold war HEAT-FS firing vehicles on the battlefields and you are mostly fighting World War II era relics that struggle to penetrate you with armour-piercing shells.

Germany is actually a very good starter nation…as Russia and USA. Althought german tanks arent (initially) very well armored, they do fine and in germany you usually get better guns, so less issues with having to use the right ammo and aim at weak point.
Russia has issues with gun depression which annoys some players…and apart from t34 it relies heavily on tanks and TDs that also require “learning”.

Not sure if you are recommending the premium t34-57…but if you are, i doubt this is really worth it. I guess you can make a good lineup with it, Zis5 and another…but i wonder if BRs will remains static (Zis5 changes a lot) and if OP will play the lineup long enough. THAT SAID…not a bad tank at all…

IMHO…premium time is better investment than premium vehicle on any tree…and i really dont see a very good low-middle BR russian premium tank…at least one were a player would spend a lot of time…
If buying a premium tank…for sure it should be on the tree and BR the player likes… :)

The only heavy tank that could still hold its own is the Object 279 lol