Premium SPAA

War-Thunder offers a wide range of premium-vehicles, which is great for the players and the income of Gaijin. Personally, I´d very much like to see some SPAA as premiums as well. Is there a specific reason we do not have any yet?


Firstly, SPAA are very situational, not often used and not view as an grinding vehicle. To begin with there are very few SPAA that has not been yet added to the game and are unique, unless you want more copycats. They are already few “unique” premium SPAA at the lower BR and you can already see that its a failed project. They are kind of unique, but simply useless. Therefore the idea of premium SPAA is pointless since its lots of work and very little profit since not many will buy them.
Hope I explained everything well.

They wouldn’t sell just as much, would be my guess.

Doesn´t really convince me. I bet an M163, a Gepard or a Shilka would sell pretty decent as a premium. It´s also very little work to implement. We have plenty of Panzer IVs in game and yet there are premium-versions too for instance. So yes, give us copycats for anti-air too please!

Strictly speaking, 2S38 is a SPAA even though gaijin decided to classify it as a light tank, and I see a lot of real and genuine players hanging around spawn these days pointing their barrels at the sky using it as such

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Ah, that´s a 10.0 BR and way beyond my reach, skill and desires :)

Yeah, you don’t want Those 2S38 in your team, believe me.

There are prem SPAAs.
ZUT-37 and Soviet event Phòng không T-34
And lets not forget 2S38

such a suprise they all seem to be from one nation…

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They just need more SPAA. Full stop. With a few being Premium would be good.


Here is to hope, with so many skyranger variants or a lynx we might get a german premium variant with working ahead ammo

I just want a british spaa around 6.3 ish

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Premium Flakpanzer 341.