Practice Tracer Shells

So, I got this idea, make it possible for planes which dont get any tracers (Top tier sweden) get them in a way that wont change the gameplay. Make those shells do no damage, or make them available only in test flight/custom missions (where mission creators could disable it).

Would make it a lot easier to learn how do guns on those planes work, its okay if you transition to stealth belts on guns you already know how they behave. After a bit of practice you see the way the shells will hit inside your head, and you dont need to actually see those tracers. I think some people will be motivated to spend some time to learn.

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or they could finally reintroduce gun guidance system back into the game.

like i dont understand why people want to tip toe around the issue gaijin created for themselves. either bring back the tracers or give us the proper systems which was used, not this half measure for a β€œrealistic” feeling.