Power Boat Company 70ft-class Motor Torpedo Boat, INS Shaldag (T-209)

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Hello everyone! In this suggestion I’m going to suggest one of the two British Power Boat Company boats Israel operated.

This is the Power Boat Company 70ft-class Motor Torpedo Boat, INS Shaldag (T-209)

Source: File:T209.jpg - Wikimedia Commons



The history of this boat, or any other small boat of the early Israeli navy are quite obscure and uneventfull. But I will try my best to put as much information as I can in here.

INS Shaldag was bought of the British when they had put their boats out of service. She was very similar to the Vosper boats Israel bought aswell. The biggest difference is the shape of the bridge. But in performance this boat and the Vosper onces were the same.

Something that makes Shaldag a bit mysterious is that the only photo we have of her is a bit blurry and low resolution. But on the photo we see that she has some equipment and things on her rear deck. I think this might be torpedo launchers. Not the big tube launchers, but the onces that simply push the torpedo of some rails sideways and then the torpedo goes on it’s way.

Sadly this is unclear and I’ve not been able to find much on this. If she did have torpedoes that would make her quite interesting to play since 57mm armed fast boats is not something we have ingame yet.



Displacement: 43 tons
Length: 70 feet (21,34 meters)
Breadth: 19 feet (5,79 meters)
Draught: 5 feet (1,52 meters)
Machinery: 3 x Packard Gasoline engines
Max speed: 40 knots (74 km/h)
Complement: 16

1 x 1 57 mm QF Mark IIA
Possibly 2 x 1 17.7" (450 mm) F5W Torpedoes
The only photo we have of the ship shows that there is equipment on the back of the ship, which could be torpedo launchers (Not the big tube kind, but the onces that just push the torpedo sideways of the deck)

Well that is all for this little boat. Many more suggestions like these to come in the future!

See you on the battlefield!



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