Potential solution for latency related issues

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  • Packet losses happen when UDP data used by the game cannot reach the server or vice versa. It usually happens when the internal switching of data carriers happen and thus, routing changes which imposes delays in reception of communication between game client and game server. You’ll get to know this is happening when you see your ping is increasing from a stable amount to some increasing level. Sometimes, when the PL is so significant that the client/server has reached a limit, a disconnection is initiated and the client experiences a “dropped” game session. To reduce events like these, the routing has to fixed and not switched from one path to another. There is a limitation to this approach though as data carriers prioritise traffic based on load and capacity. When a certain load is reached, to reduce data congestion, some traffic is routed differently.

  • The distance of the client to the server has a big bearing on how the game client gets updated. The further the distance, the more interpolation the game engine has to perform in between updates and thus CPU machine cycles increased (by how much is unknown).

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