Posts now editable, congrats for toggling a flag

Big update.


That’s the neat part, you don’t

You have to increase your trust level.


Oh my god they literally called it a social credit system I’m dying rn.

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Kinda inappropriate but okay. Of course some say there is a self moderation in place but mod comments cannot be flagged…

Again… if you had read our Guidelines… then you would know that you can report Moderation concerns to Staff… or PM us about concerns…

But, constantly comparing the Forum to some kind of Communistic Social Credit system is Trolling and derailing…

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Okay maybe you perceive it as trolling and I won’t argue against that. But if people are protesting something, it’s usually because that something is bad.

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And we are listening…

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Just standard spam and bot protection.

Yay, welcome to Discourse based abominations. And pray they even get to “trust” you enough to enable PMs for us wretched peasants (some Shitcurse forums just disable PMs because of ~reasons~, usually boling down to rowdy users + not willing to afford for the extra moderation labor).

Nota bene: I’ve been moderator, administrator and owner of forums in the past, before Shitcurse fell upon users the same way open plan offices have come to curse laborers of the office world when someone (Them) thought that they knew better.

It is very fast to get “trust” level enough to be able to edit…many forums have limitations for newbies, even the previous one had some.
We tend to forget them after we get high “trust level” :) … only reason this is an issue now is because everyone is new :)

No it’s not. To filter out bots you have to limit new users in privileges. But most users have been here for years, with hundreds or thousands of comments and battles on record. It’s all linked to the forum account.
I’m sorry but if Gaijin’s records show a player has all the above, what reason is there to suspect he’s a bot?

I’ve been here for many years and I still haven’t reached trust lvl 2, what are you talking about?

I think they just added the edit function to all players.

You’ve had hundreds of users actually lay out all the problems, are you serious right now? Why don’t Gaijin conduct a poll on user satisfaction with the new forum?


We did like an hour or so ago… so only requirement now is to log in to the forum for access to “Edit”

I didnt had to log in, it just appeared available.

Polls tend to be useless… since only a handful out of millions will take the poll… if it is a Game Matter, then we may see polls from in game or on the launcher tho