Posts not posting?

I’ve put a post through, Twice now about ‘Removing SRAAM from the Harrier GR.1 and Hunter F.6’ but I cant find tace of them anywhere, if im just being dumb tell me where im meant to find pending posts,
I know they need to be pre moderated but if it was rejected to go through i wouldve thought id get a notification

I’m having the same issue. I know I know if you click your profile and go to activities, in the little bar there should be an option to see pending posts. I posted (or tried) 2 things today but I only saw pending for one. Then it disappeared. I can’t find it up on forums and haven’t gotten a notification it got denied

You’re not the only ones.

If you have posted thread in Suggestion Section, you need to wait for Suggestion Moderator to validate it and approve.
If you want to get more details on your thread validation, please send PM to Suggestion Moderator.