Post Seek and Destroy - Make SU27 FM more realistic

Now that the new update has dropped and the AIM120 and MICA are dominant, the missiles of the SU27 are no longer a good reason for the nerf to the FM of the SU27 (and Mig 29s). An FM change to more realistically mimic the IRL performance of the SU27S/SM might not level the playing field for the plane, but would make it more enjoyable to play.

Please fix the drag induced speed loss.


Do you have documents and proof that this could be added? It would probably do more good if you did and made it into a bug report.

You’re right, and I can try, but to be honest others would do a better job of pointing out the intricacies. I’m just creating the thread in hopes with better resources can weigh in.

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Mig-29 is not nerfed.
And Su-27’s engines are also over-performing, so you’re asking for the engines to be reduced in performance.

Mig-29 is not nerfed

It’s common knowledge that the Mig 29 FM was nerfed just before the introduction of the F-16C. I guess your argument would probably be that it was overperforming, but it’s hard to deny it’s underperforming now.

And Su-27’s engines are also over-performing, so you’re asking for the engines to be reduced in performance.

The SM as it is currently manufactured has the AL31FM-1 engine, which would have 13,498.9kgf on full afterburner.

The SU27SM in game has the standard AL-31F, and does not have the correct thrust output for even that engine. IRL Thrust output in full AB of the AL-31F is 12,501 kgf, in game it is 11,660kgf on the SM.



The Mig-29 FM was corrected based on new data.
If it’s underperforming, show the sustained turn rate chart.

Also in-game the Su-27’s engine produces over 13,000kgf.



Fully upgraded, the SM would be 11,662.2 kgf, though granted in game this would be shown as 11,660.

Static thrust isn’t the maximum amount of thrust an engine can produce.

Mind providing the data showing that in game, the engine does produce more thrust than the stat-card static thrust rating?

Oh no. Somebody has a better Bvr machine this time. Just play other nations too

Game balance shouldn’t be a competition.

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There is no balance in this game. Play more nations

The the su27sm need better radar… this radat at the moment one big joke and worst radar in 13.0

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mig fm extremetly nerfed lol