Post pen damage of lowcaliber APFSDS

i realized this especially while playxing the new CV9035DK, the APFSDS round, when fired at the sides of russian MBTs does no damage whatsoever to the crew, mostly because the new Autoloader module stops all the spalling.


Well they can’t fire after that initial shot, but meanwhile I feel all APFSDS has reduced spalling, or the position of spall formation is further back, I have had a couple times shooting a T72 on the LFP and the driver is not damaged.
I also want to say the auto loaders are too fragile, it is almost broken by every penetrating shot. (Russian autoloaders gets like 20mm of armour and Chinese don’t)

And in return autoloaders absorbs most of the spalling and protects the user from catastrophic explosion.

Well that is if you missed the auto loader it self which would have caused an explosion. Auto loaders are literally the most fragile part anyway, so if you have missed it then it really is ‘unlucky’. Side shooting T80BVM and T90M is hard even before the update, so I don’t blame you.

Missing autoloader? Entire lower carousel is made of autoloader that contains ammunition, its almost impossible to miss autoloader when you’re aiming lower Side of russian tanks from side or front.

Point is autoloader absorbs too much of spalling, im not saying every shot results like that but when it happens loading mechanism saves the users life.

Well 4km/h reverse saves you the trouble as you can almost always take another shot (unless it is a T80). It is almost impossible to shoot at the autoloader and not set off the rounds, but it does absorb a lot of spall if the hit is not direct.
I am very frustrated some times when the auto loader is down though. I currently have the problem of shooting at the middle of the LFP and the spall gets absorbed by fuel tanks without explosion and the only damage is to the engine.

Well it’s either servers can’t properly simulate spalling or it works as devs intend it to. Anyway best shells in the world shouldn’t be as weak and inconsistent as they are right now.