Possible Su-22M3 upgrades based on real life

I think the Su-22M3 should get a few upgrades. So the plane in 10.7 br has only 12 flares (yes they’re large caliber but it doesn’t make a huge difference, it’s noticeable but not big) and on top of that, it only has R60 missiles which don’t even have 2kg of explosives. And the public info that they provide about the plane shows us that they are capable of carrying much more than in-game. It even has MAW in real life. Now, of course, only the F111A has MAW. So here’s what I would like to see about the Su-22M3:

  1. R-60M missiles. The info shows that it is capable and it is in use of these missiles. I don’t know how true it is but the info also talks about R-60 missiles being in use for training.
  2. More countermeasures. Yes, the maximum amount is 12 but it also has a flare/chaff pod. It doesn’t say the exact number but it is around 170 countermeasures.

Yes, I totally understand it’s a strike aircraft. But in comparison, it can’t compare to the F4 series. In my past 7 months of playing with the Su-22M3, I was almost always up-tiered to 11.3 commonly to 11.7, and never downtiered to 9.7 br. My average br is 11.0 which makes me encounter so many fighters. And even strike aircraft that had a much bigger load than me but still were faster and dominated the fighters. I still want to make some changes. In the defense category the most. And to my knowledge, more and more players have left the plane for the minuses it has. It can’t even be a good strike aircraft it is decent. Why? A lot of players want to have guided bombs/missiles but the Su-22M3 has poor visibility, zoom, and non-tracking system. So to be a good plane in 11.0 or 10.7 br do the upgrades count above or lower the br.

This is only a please do this text. If you guys have any good reasons why it’s at 10.7 br and getting uptiered so much please explain.


That aircraft is in a weird spot.

Speaking about Ground Battles, it’s at 10.7 which means your only ground vehicle to pair it with is T-90A, so you’ll either have to uptier your 10.0 / 10.3 tanks or you’ll have to take this thing in a 11.3 / 11.7 lineup, both of which are far from ideal. Also, as you said, it has guided munitions but the system overall seems far worse to use than in other aircraft of similar BR.
This surely adds up and it’s a factor why there aren’t many of those out in the wild (at least in my experience) and it’s mostly just SU-25s or Mig-27s used.

Speaking about Air Battles, it’s meh at best there as well. If you want to carry 8x 500kg bombs (aka two full bases) you’ll have an option to carry just a single R-60 (correct me if I’m wrong), which is far from great.
Also, it’s speed while fully loaded isn’t great, so good luck getting any bases if you get two premium Tornados in your team, since those things are much better than you while sitting just a single BR step above you.

It was already reported that it should have more countermeasures (36x) which would definitely make it a more respectable aircraft in air RB, not too strong and not too weak like it is currently.

Yeah, I’m a free-to-play player which is not ideal but hey it works. And no you can’t carry 2 R-60 missiles because the system says you’re too heavy so it won’t allow it. By the way, I’m using 4 rocket pods, 2 missiles, and 6 250kg bombs which allows me 1.5 bases while still providing me with more rp than just bombing 2 bases with 4 tons of bombs. And yes I usually have to wait for bases to respawn or half the time my teammates just go from bombing to attacking when they see easy targets so is 50/50 when it comes to both tactics. Also, I use flares. Not chaff or anything. And this tactic has proven so useful. Instead of 3 clicks, I get 6 which puts at least 6 missiles away from me.

About the countermeasure pod. It would also take the belly space so you couldn’t assign anything else on there.

I’m quite new to the Air mode, do you know how is RP calculated for bombing bases ?

I also noticed that you will have a hard time outrunning anything at, or even slightly below your BR to bases with full load.

Of course but still, 6 clicks isn’t all that much and is expended quickly.

It seems like this aircraft is yet another victim of BR compression.
Both in Ground and Air it looks like a meh aircraft at best.

Yeah ok. So I know kind of only top-tier points gain since that’s what I play the most to get the most out of anything because of multipliers. It’s around 1000 raw points for my loadout. Now the thing is that the other half also needs to be dropped. Which results in a race with the clock and enemy fighters. Let’s say you manage to get 2 air kills with that and you get around 2600 points. For the winter event with the multipliers that apply to the Su-22M3, you get around 6.700 battle points. Now that is a lot but it’s very very rare. In my last 200 battles, there were around 7 battles like that. That means I have a 3.5% chance of encountering a battle like that.

Yes, outrunning anything is really hard. But if you have a max load of 6 R-60 missiles you can outrun a F5 variant. But you’re a bit faster so it barely makes a difference. And from my experience, everything else can’t be outrun even with zero payloads, low fuel, and no munition. So the lightest you can be.

Believe me, when you have 6 clicks instead of 3 you are very happy. I’m so glad I doubled my survivability.