Possible problems with Steam nicknames

Dear players!

Not long ago we implemented Unicode nickname support in the game, while new Steam players now immediately get nicknames similar to their Steam nicks with some limitations.

During some technical work on standardizing the existing nickname display, we gained a malfunction leading to the reset of nicknames with some Steam players to nicknames based on their Steam nick.

This issue might also affect some of the Gaijin-accounts already linked to a Steam profile.

We didn’t plan to change the nicknames of Steam players who previously changed their in-game Nickname and within 24 hours we will try and roll back these changes for all players in order to return the nicknames or provide the opportunity to change the nickname for free.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We will do our best to fix this problem as soon as possible!


So my name has been changed back to what it was before, but with ‘#1’ after it. Is this an interim fix, or the best that we can expect following this colossal mess-up? Like many of my skinning colleagues we have years and years of content produced for the game under a specific name. In my case one I have been using for skin creation for over 20 years. Are we expected to all go and update thousands of post with our new unasked for monikers because of one person’s error? We need a better solution than this - and I don’t mean choose another nickname for free. Please find a way to reinstate our original names.

Well my Gaijin account still have the same name as steam but for some reason only my in game name has changed :/

I hope my name changes back… I really love my username, It’s part of my online identity. Been playing for 8 years now I think…? Please, Help!!

Hooray! My in game name has been fixed! However, My forum name is still the same… Quite strange!! I hope this issue gets fully dealt with!

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Still waiting for my name to be reverted.

My name was reverted to an old nickname that I haven’t used for months. I see the last post here was on the 15th of July. Is this still in the process of being resolved? My in game name currently doesn’t match my forum name.