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Brief History
At some unknown point in time, North Korea received numerous Strela-10s from the USSR. The vehicle deliveries are unknown but North Korea began receiving Strela-2M MANPADS in 1978, so likely around the same time. The vehicles would normally be armed with 4x ready-to-fire 9M37 missiles, but some Strela-10s in North Korean service have been upgraded to have 8x ready-to-fire HT-16PGJ missiles. These were first seen in 2017.

The Pŏn’gae-3 (or alternatively referred to as Strela 10 (HT-16PGJ)) mounts 2 launchers, each containing 4x HT-16PGJ missiles. These are North Korean-manufactured Igla-1/QW-1 (Chinese Igla-1), and likely have the same characteristics, although some sources claim they’re better than the standard Igla-1. I’m unsure if the vehicle still has storage for more missiles, but 8 is still the same as the normal Strela-10M2.

I believe the vehicle has the same search radar as the standard Strela-10 (although I don’t know too much about SAM systems; if this is unlikely to be the case then someone let me know!). Mobility and armour remain the same as its Soviet counterpart.

The Pŏn’gae-3 would be a unique twist on the Strela-10, perfect for a future North Korean sub-tree. Only the missiles are changed, and I don’t know enough to say whether the Igla-1 is better/worse than the 9M37, but it is fairly similar to the Stingers, which are on ground vehicles similar to this at around 9.3-9.7 (Machbet, Ozelot, etc.), so I suggest this goes at the same BR range of 9.3-9.7.


  • HT-16PGJ missile
    • Mass 10 kg
    • Guidance IR
    • Aspect All-aspects
    • Lock range (rear-aspect) 6 km
    • Lock range (all-aspect) 6 km
    • ECCM Yes
    • Launch range 5 km
    • Maximum speed 1.7 M
    • Maximum overload 10 G
    • Missile guidance time 14 secs
    • Explosive mass 530 g TNTe


  • Hull
    • Front - 14mm
    • Sides - 7mm
    • Rear - 7mm
  • Turret
    • Front - 7mm
    • Sides - 7mm
    • Rear - 7mm


  • Speed
    • 62 / 11 km/h
  • Weight
    • 12.3t
  • Engine power
    • 240hp, 19.5hp/t






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