Poll on Renaming J8F to J8H to Obtain PL11

If J8F cannot obtain PL8B, I hope the official can rename J8F to J8H

Firstly, J8H has the ability to install PL11, and the official does not need to make any changes or hide it;
Secondly, the J8H can fully serve as a transitional product between the J82 and J10A, as it will not become overly OP due to the PL12 (as the J8H cannot mount the PL12), and can also serve as a top tier aircraft independently developed by the Chinese Air Force’s technology tree.
Finally, although I really hope to see China’s self-developed active radar medium range missiles added to the game, namely PL12. However, both our players and official should understand the fact that PL12 has been added to the game too early, and even if PL12 is only hung on J8F, it is extremely difficult to balance.
Rather than allowing the J8F to carry the PL12 in the game in the future, I would prefer the PL12 to appear together with J10A. Both of them have epoch-making significance for the Chinese Air Force, just like F16, F15, and F14 for the United States and MIG29, SU27, and MIG25 for the Soviet Union. PL12 and J10A are sufficient to have this qualification.

Are you willing to rename J8F to J8H to obtain PL11 mount?
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  • No
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Please make sure to understand when you come in to vote. If this suggestion is really possible, although J8H can mount PL11, it definitely cannot mount PL12.

This is just an extreme suggestion, a suggestion to replace J8F with J8H in exchange for the ability to mount PL11. The price is that the PL12 is likely to appear together with the J10A for a long time, and China’s self-developed top-level air force may miss an opportunity to update a new active radar missile in sync with the United States and the Soviet Union

Think twice before acting.


In my mind the J8F should be kept as what it is, with the J8H being added inbetween, with pl8 and pl11 after the current Chinese top dog receives arh missiles. The advantage of having the J8F is also the fact it could receive the PL11B (arh version of this missile) a bit earlier than the contemporaries as it’s not as advanced as amraams, however I’m unsure how early amraams compare with it’s range

Unfortunately, J8F cannot mount PL11B, and there is no evidence to suggest that J8F can mount PL11B.

According to the extensive information I have found, it is precisely because the J8F has not been continuously launched that it cannot boot the PL11 series. Even if the last two digits of the PL11 series are equipped with radio receivers, there is no direct indication that the J8F has been equipped with PL11A/B.

That’s why I proposed changing J8F to J8H, which is a helpless solution. I hope you can understand.


Alright, thanks for the correction

It’s a proper way to transit this period of time.

However, I also found a news article stating that J8F continues to use the PL11 series due to insufficient production of PL12.

But I cannot prove the authenticity of that piece of news, and given that the news was released too long ago (in 2006 news), some of it may have some falsehood.

Moreover, the news did not specify whether the J8F hanging on PL11 was equipped with a continuous wave transmitter. So I temporarily do not trust this news.

I think gaijin at first want to have a J8 with PL11,they think her name is j8f,it’s wrong,But gaijin could be wrong(reneming meaning…) for no reason,so we get a don’t have pl11 an pl12 "history"J8F

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To put it another way, pl11b can be fully added to the game as an armed J8F, essentially aim7e2 with a different seeker, and the missile overload and range have not caused performance crushing on the missiles of other countries

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There is indeed a possibility that before the release of j8f, I thought Gaijin might release j8h first.

Because in all aspects, j8h is more suitable for transition, while j8f is difficult to balance due to PL12.

Unfortunately, J8F cannot mount PL11B, and there is no evidence to suggest that J8F can mount PL11B.

I have already mentioned in my previous reply that although PL11a/B is equipped with a radio receiver, it does not mean that it can be guided by J8f, as the radio receiver is only a method to enhance the stability of mid to late stage guidance, rather than a replacement for continuous wave.

Once again, the medium range missile mounts of J8h and J8F are opposite. This is also one of the biggest drawbacks of this method.

And I would like to reiterate that the performance of PL11 is not actually excellent, it is only equivalent to the performance of AIM-7E-2. Even the performance of PL11B is far inferior to AIM-7F/M or R27ER.

So this is just a proposal to exchange future PL12 for PL11. Please weigh the pros and cons yourself.





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