Pointless Crew Replinishment

Noticed recently that the Shturm-S and Krizantema-S both have researchable crew replinishment. However with this option researched and purchased, it’s still pointless in game. Why is this even included if you can’t actually replinish a crew member? They’re both a 2 manned crew. As rare as it may be to only lose a crew member in these vehicles, when it happens youre still dead with an unusable crew replinish

Its for arcade, where it triggers automatically (even on 1 remaining crew)


Interesting. Never would’ve guessed arcade functioned differently with crew replinish. Thanks for the reply!

Hopefully soon, it will do something with healing crew as well. Like heal all your crew members, or just selected ones. I’d also like to see a way to select the crew member we get or a way to order which crew member we want replenished, like if your down to a 2-man crew in a 5-crew tank, but your gunner is red and you get a new crew member, I’d like to be able to get a new gunner over loader. Or if your commander is dead but your loader is yellow, I’d rather have a new loader over a new commander