Plzz add f 18 to war zunder plzzz

guys we need the f 18 right now!!

No we don’t.

f 18 is funny and it looks cool and it would be a cool naval aircraft for usa and also this funny document i found features the f 18’s shows the things the f 18 has

…doesn’t matter if its funny or cool it is not needed in-game at the time.

yeah thats true ngl

Are these documents unclassified for not just US citizens, but those outside the US?

sorry for not replying in so long i didnt check forums until today, these are unclassified for both us citizens and foreigners

We’ll get there, when we get there!

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It will probably come either this update, or the update next year (if they add the F-15/Su-27 in this year’s last update).

completly wrong forum for wishlisting