PLZ-83 - A 2S3M For China

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TL;DR: A Chinese “copy” of the 2S3 Akatsiya



In the late 1970s NORINCO, specifically Factory 674, began development on a dedicated self-propelled artillery piece to replace the aging PLZ-70 (Type 70-I). This system was to be much more powerful and versatile than its predecessor in just about every way. To achieve this, a reference was needed, one of which could be found in Russia. The 2S3 Akatsiya had just entered Russian service in 1971. It featured a large and lightly armored profile, being equipped with a massive 152mm cannon. The design was perfect for China’s needs. The first prototype was completed in 1980, which was quickly followed by a second in 1981. Production was officially authorized in May of 1983, being unveiled later that year in a military parade. The PL-66 152mm howitzer, a Chinese copy of the Soviet D-20, was chosen as the main weapon. This cannon was capable of firing both Chinese and Russian ammunition, as well as laser guided projectiles. When compared to the system it was based off of, the PLZ-83 has a noticeably distinct silhouette due to its large and more boxy turret as well as a secondary 12.7mm HMG, something the 2S3 lacked. A semi-automatic loading system allowed the PLZ-83 to reach a maximum fire-rate of 4-5 rounds per minute, with 30 rounds available. If the need arises, the system is fully capable of direct-fire, with the gun being able to depress -5 degrees. A 520hp engine a allows the vehicle to move at a maximum speed of 55kph. In 2005, the PLZ-83 was officially replaced by the PLZ-05, however, the PLZ-83 still remains in limited service.

Place In War Thunder:

The addition of the Russian 2S3M and Swedish Bandkanon 1C has further opened the doors for direct-fire capable SPHs. These vehicles are generally nice changes of pace when it comes to playstyle as they’re very easy to kill, but also incredibly dangerous when put into certain situations. As every in-game nation has access to at least one of these vehicle, it is only logical that every in-game nation should have access to their unique playstyles. China has countless SPHs to choose from, however, the PLZ-83, at least right now, is the most fitting as it would slot in perfectly at 6.3 with the 2S3M and Type 75 SPH. Of course, the PLZ-83 should be available in the tech tree, as there are better alternatives for premiums.


Armament: PL-66 152mm howitzer and 1x 12.7mm HMG

Dimensions: 7.33m, 3.23m, 3.50m (L,W,H)

Weight: 27216kg

Armor: Proof against small arms fire and artillery splinters

Crew: 4

Ammunition: HE, HE-FRAG, Anti-Concrete, Smoke, and Illumination

Speed: 55kph

Horsepower: 520hp


3/4th View:


Side View:





NORINCO PLZ-83 (Type 83) 152mm Self-Propelled Howitzer (SPH)

Type 83 SPH - Wikipedia

PLZ83 |

Perfect for 6.3, same as other nation’s counterparts


yes, Chinese TT still lack of this kind of SPG

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

As the Type 83 152mm Howitzer got implemented as part of update 2.31 Kings of Battle,

Moved to Implemented Suggestions. o7